2017 International Conference -- Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Andy Curtis

TESOL International Association / Anaheim University

  • Opening Plenary Session
    Confessions of an Online Instructor: Returning to the Classroom
  • Invited Second Session
    Using Film in Class to Connect Languages and Cultures


Nicky Hockly

The Consultants-E

  • Sunday Plenary Session
    Is the Future Tense?
  • Invited Second Session (Workshop)
    Going Mobile


Featured Speakers

Glenda Rose

Texas A&M University

  • Featured Session
    Analog or Digital? Making an Informed Decision
  • Invited Second Session
    Why Even Online Students Still Need Human Teachers


Ted O'Neill

Gakushuin University

  • Featured Session
    How We Value, Choose, and Use Technology in Education
  • Invited Second Session
    Importing Content and Language Integrated Learning to Japan


Marti Anderson

SIT Graduate Institute

  • Featured Session
    Why Are We Here?  Critical Thinking, Teaching, and the Digital Era
  • Invited Second Session
    Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Teachers and Students


Chan Kyoo Min

Korea National University of Education

  • Featured Session
    A Future Paradigm of English Education in Korea


Mark Dressman

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Featured Session
    Informal Language Acquisition and Classroom Teaching: Complementary, Not Competitive, Approaches
  • Invited Second Session (Workshop; with Ju Seong Lee)
    New Technologies (and New Uses for Old Technologies) of English Education


Helen Slatyer

Macquarie University

  • Featured Session
    Advances in Listening Research and the Implications for the Classroom


Kalyan Chattopadhyay

IATEFL Teacher Training and Ed. SIG  /  University of Calcutta

  • Featured Session
    Analogue Teacher Training for the Digital Teacher: What the Teachers Say and So


Kathleen Kampa

Seisen International School / OUP

  • Featured Session
    No-Tech, Low-Tech, Active Teaching
  • Invited Second Session
    Creating a Classroom of Success Through Music and Movement


Bodo Winter

University of Birmingham

  • Featured Session
    The Sweet Stink of Language: The Sensory Structure of the English Lexicon
  • Invited Second Session
    A Manifesto for a Reproducible Open Linguistics