2017 Gwangju Call

Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Regional Conference

Gwangju National University of Education
March 11, 2017

Call for Presentations Extended to Feb. 15. See below.

Theme: Stepping Up in an Increasingly Connected World

The technology available and required for teaching has grown significantly in the past decade and will continue to grow. It is becoming an integral part of ELT in Korea, and has the power to bring together individuals who were once worlds apart.

As teachers, we must properly embrace this digital aspect of our lives. "Stepping Up in an Increasingly Connected World" will reveal how we can take advantage of the digital realities around us to benefit our teaching and professional development. And much more! Join us for an informative and interesting conference!

Presentation Areas

1. Technology as an aspect of EFL teaching and learning.
2. Connections (via the Internet) for teaching and professional development.
3. All other areas of EFL teaching and learning.

Presentation Types

Talk: Lecture-style or audience-interactive presentations providing information and/or addressing issues is EFL.
Workshop: Presentations in which a considerable amount of audience interaction is included.
Demonstration: Presentations in which the audience is shown a teaching technique or how to deal with a situation, and which may include audience participation.
Research: Reports on action research or other scholarly research and containing method, results, discussion, conclusions, recommendations, etc. (20 minutes preferred).

Presentation Length: 45 min. or 20 min. (Both time options are available for each presentation type.)
Extended Submission Deadline: February 15, 2017

Abstract: 200 words or so. The abstract should focus on what will be presented, how it will be presented, and who the target audience is. (Appeal to a wide range of teaching contexts is prefered.)
Bio-data: 100 words or so. The biographical sketch should focus on the presenter's education in TESOL, experience in Korean ELT, and presentation experience.
Note: This abstract and bio are for proposal review purposes only. Submitters of accepted proposals will be asked for program booklet abstracts and bios later.

ㅡ Email presentation proposals to: (Dr. David Shaffer)

ㅡ Conference Online Registration Web-Form (Open thru March 8): HERE.

ㅡ Additional information on the Gwangju-Jeonnam Conference will be appearing HERE.