2017-2-10 The Center for English Education for Gifted Youth (CEEGY) / Daegu / Seeks Presentation Proposals (400,000 KRW Honorarium)

Center for English Education for Gifted Youth (CEEGY)
A Highly-Selective Program, Jointly Sponsored by
The Daegu Metropolitan Board of Education &
Kyungpook National University

Language Education Center, KNU, 80 Daehakro, Bukgu, Daegu 702-701 Republic of Korea
Coordinator: (053) 950-7526 Head Instructor (053) 950-5834 / (010) 2605-5375
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Request for Proposals – Spring 2017

The Center for English Education for Gifted Youth (CEEGY) is seeking proposals for a two-hour presentation on April 15th from an expert in cross-cultural relations who can stimulate our students’ thinking in a way consistent with the third-semester theme, “Values, Judgment and the Ability to Change: How do we Respond when our Way of Life is Upended?”

CEEGY is a joint program of Kyungpook National University and the Daegu Metropolitan Board of Education, chartered to serve the educational needs of a highly-select group of gifted upper-elementary and middle-school youth who have been identified as linguistically gifted and are highly proficient in English. The syllabus can be seen here. (see attached PDF)

Qualified presenters should have at least a master’s degree, and some understanding of the special needs and abilities of gifted students. Proposals should include a presentation relating to the above theme for a first 50-minute period from 11:00 to 11:50 AM, primarily for the exchange of ideas. This would presumably involve interaction designed to engage the students, probably including but not necessarily limited to questions and discussion.

There is a snack break from 11:50 to Noon. We will provide something to keep you in good spirits.

Since the students will be regularly engaged in competitive debate and persuasive oratory on socially relevant topics related to the semester theme, it would be good if, for the second 50-minute period from 12 Noon to 12:50 PM you structured engaging, values-based activities that allowed the students to use and incorporate the concepts you presented during the first period.

Please include with your proposal:
 Information on the contents of your presentation
    o For example, outline, text or PPT
 Copies of activity sheets with instructions for students
 Your resumé (including academic credentials at the M.A. level or above)

There is an honorarium of 400,000 Won.

Please submit your proposal no later than March 24th by electronic mail to:

Prof. Jonathan Jordahl, MFA
Head Professor & Curriculum Developer
Center for English Education for Gifted Youth (CEEGY)