2016-07-06 Keimyung Adams College, Daegu

Keimyung Adams College (a small honors college within Keimyung University, at their Seongseo campus in Daegu) is seeking to fill a position for an adjunct professor (1 year contract term) of English language skills and liberal arts courses, in the International Business department, to start this fall 2016. Students in this program attend all lectures in English (and, ultimately complete a thesis in order to graduate), thus this professor would primarily focus on EAP.

Despite the name “International Business,” successful applicants do not need business-related education or experience. They do need a Master’s degree or higher in a relevant field (such as English, English language, TESOL, Applied Linguistics, and so on), and experience teaching at the university level. Experience in teaching relevant language arts courses would, naturally, be ideal.

The contract term would last from September, 2016 to the end of August, 2017, and includes 12 hours of teaching time per week.  The courses this professor would teach include presentation skills courses, a reading skills course, a writing skills course, and other courses as needed (such as a business writing course).   The salary information is unclear (as I do not have the opportunity to confirm it with the department chair and relevant authorities), but would be approximately 2.4 million won per month (before taxes and so on).  This would depend on a final assessment by the department chair and the administration of the university.

The job needs to be filled as quickly as possible, ideally by the end of July. Thus, anyone interested should, please, respond to this advertisement by July 12 if possible.  My apologies for the short notice.

For inquiries, or to submit your intent to apply, you may contact:  (I am assisting the department chair in finding candidates for the position.)  Please send a cover letter, resume, and other relevant information if you are wishing to apply.