2016-05-09 JEI English TV, Seoul

Organization Name : JEI English TV

Location : 186, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

Job title : MC / instructor

Closing date : May 20, 2016

Required Hours : Agreed upon decision

Salary information : Agreed upon decision

Contact Information : 02-2028-6059,

Website :


JEI English TV is a leading English educational TV channel in South Korea targeted for all ages and academic levels. JEI English TV helps with effective learning in all areas involving English such as speaking, listening, reading and writing through various programs.
With our slogan, "Learning English using English Contents", we are recruiting talented instructors and show hosts (foreigners with foreign or Korean citizenship) with dedication to lead JEI English TV. 

1. Qualifications
ㅇ Degree in English Education & TESOL
ㅇ Experience in teaching English in Korea.
ㅇ Experience in producing English related contents in Korea (Preferred)
M C 
ㅇ Applicants with specialties in music, arts, crafts and etc. in relations to immersion education, please mention separately. 
※ Only applicable for applicants who meet one or more of the above requirements above 

1) Applicants who have or are possible to acquire work permits in South Korea
2) Applicants with a degree in English education and/or TESOL 
3) Applicants with teaching experiences in Korea
1) Applicants with records of illegal stay or termination of stay 
2) Applicants with sexual or criminal convictions 
3) Applicants with drug control crime or violations

2. How to Apply
ㅇ Application Period: May 09, 2016 (Mon) 13:00PM ~ May 20, 2016 (Fri) 18:00PM
ㅇ Procedure for Application
① Access JEI English TV website (www.
② Access the event page for the recruitment of foreign instructors
③ Download application form
④ Once you fill in the application form, please apply through e-mail: 

※ Applications cannot be made through mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PC etc). 
Please apply through PC.

ㅇ Required Documents
Instructor : Application form / 5 minute sample script of lecture (Any format)
MC : Application form / 5 minute sample script of hosting (Any format)

3. Selection Process
① Screening process 
○ Screening process set forth with external experts of the relevant areas as judges
② Auditions 
○ Instructor and MC auditions processed separately 
○ Submit the 5 minute sample script of hosting or lecture
○ Audition processed in studios
③ Planning sessions with the selected instructors 
○ Selected instructors and MCs are assigned to the PDs in charge and then, pilot videos are filmed 
④ Program production 
○ After pilot videos are filmed, planning and filming of the long-run program is carried forth

5. Details and Schedules of the Procedure
Screening Process 
ㅇ Examination in writing: education, work experience in education, field experience etc. 
•Period: May 20, 2016 (Fri) -- May 24, 2016 (Tues)
•Results: May 25 (Wed) 12:00AM
(See website)

Practical Examination 
ㅇ Instructors: 5 minute sample script of lecture (Any format)
ㅇ MCs: 5 minute sample script of hosting (Any format) 
•Period: May 26 (Thurs) -- May 27, 2016 (Fri) 
•Results: May 31, 2016 (Tues) 12:00AM
(See website)

※ The schedule may change, if so, the changed schedule will be noticed