1. Job Advertisement Posting Guidelines

Job Advertisements can be emailed to

Job Advertisements can be written in the email message or attached as PDF.  No other submissions will be accepted.

We do not require a standard format for Job Advertisements, but we ask that you provide as much information as possible.   

We do require the following information in your Job Advertisement:

  • Organization Name

  • Location

  • Job Title

  • Closing Date

  • Length of contract

  • Required Hours

  • Salary information

  • Contact Information

KOTESOL stands with TESOL International, IATEFL, JALT, TESOL France, and countless other international ELT organizations in advocating equity. Thus, the KOTESOL Job Board will not post ads that include discriminatory language. Ads that exclude applicants based on age, appearance, sex, religion, sexual orientation, race, country of origin, or language background will not be posted, unless there is a legal or other strongly compelling reason for the limitation.

This means “native speaker only” ads will not be posted, though legal requirements (e.g., “Must qualify for an E-2 visa”) can be included. We suggest “highly proficient in English” as an alternative to “native speaker,” allowing employers to maintain high standards while not discriminating against highly qualified non-native speakers of English. For a more detailed, nuanced explanation, please refer to TESOL International's Position Statement Against Discrimination of Nonnative Speakers of English in the Field of TESOL, which has been adopted by the KOTESOL National Council.

All questions regarding posting guidelines can be addressed to

Thank you!