Busan Spring Symposium April 18 - Full Program Available

Cultural Awareness in the Language Classroom

April 18th (Saturday)
Pusan National University (PNU)

This year Busan-Gyeongnam KOTESOL has decide to use the Spring Symposium to discuss the issue of cultural awareness as it relates to the language classroom.  The Symposium will open with long time KOTESOL member, world citizen, and cultural anthropologist Dr. Steve Garrigues. His presentation is titled "Hot Air on a Cool Day: Cross-Cultural Issues in Semantics for English Teachers in Korea."

The Symposium will also feature Guest speaker Hyunwoo Sun of the popular website 'Talk to me in Korean'. Hyunwoo Sun will discuss how learning Korean can aid native English teachers with a better cultural and linguistic understanding of their students.

The symposium schedule will also include a selection of presentations and workshops on topics such as differing cultural views of education.

For more information, including the full printed program book (available as PDF)...

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Fee: Members 5,000 won / Non-members 10,000 won