Registration (Day of Event) - National Conference 2014

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Pre-registration for the KOTESOL 2014 National Conference has closed.

You may register at the conference venue Saturday morning.


  • 20,000 won for current members of KOTESOL
  • 35,000 won for non-members
  • 10,000 won for undergraduate students (photo ID AND proof of current full-time status, e.g., Spring course registry, required)

The registration desk opens at 9:15am. We will ask for your email address and cellphone number. We invite you to provide a postal address, as well as your name and (optional) professional affiliation for your conference pass.

Cash only (Korean currency). We regret that we are unable to accept credit cards, Paypal, money orders, or travelers cheques. A bank ATM is nearby.


Join KOTESOL today, and we'll add 3 months to your membership for FREE.  You'll get 15 months for the price of 12. (Use coupon code - see below for more details.)

If you are taking advantage of the bonus months of membership for new members, please write "NatCon +3" in the "Order Comments" box on the "Checkout" page during the membership order process. (Note: The "Checkout" page appears before you review and submit your order.) Yes, you can pay for your membership at the same time you pay your conference admission... but you do need to complete the online membership form. We will have a net-connected computer available for this purpose. The '+3' program is available only to new members, not renewals (nor those whose membership has recently expired).


(rev: May 20 4pm)