Accommodations: Official Conference Hotel

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There are advantages to staying at the official conference hotel. Casual meets with the conference stars and others, an extra-comfortable night's sleep around a busy conference day... and a range of restaurant and entertainment options nearby in central (Jungangro) Daegu - from TGIFridays and VIPs to KFC, Mr. Donut, and McDonalds.

Novotel Ambassador Daegu
"City Centre"
노보텔 앰배서더 대구
611, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu

A substantial discount on rooms is available through online services such as and

There are numerous inexpensive motels in the Kyungpook University/Bokhyeon (Buk-gu) district of Daegu, near the conference venue. See map below for a general guide. These run from 30,000 to 70,000won per night, generally staff do not speak English.

KOTESOL does not provide accommodations booking services.


Motels area near (norther end of) Kyungpook National University / Global Plaza