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National Conference 2014 Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent presentation sessions are the heart of any conference.

Following is a preliminary listing of concurrent session presenters and session titles accepted for the KOTESOL 2014 National Conference at Global Plaza in Daegu, May 31st. Find a PDF of presentation abstracts and presenter's biographic sketches here -

  • Research Grant Awards (Introducing Winning Proposals)
  • Thomas S. Avery    Wiring EFL Students into Online English Communities
  • Lee Babin    Campfire English: Storytelling in Conversation Classes
  • Dr. Wayne Bottiger    Phonological Rules in Korean L2 Pronunciation
  • Daniel Brown    Deadway - A Post-Apocalyptic Classroom Role-Playing Game
  • Hyesun Cho    TESOL Teachers' Perceptions of Critical Literacy
  • Karen Choi    College Counseling for International Students
  • Mike Conery    Motivation in the Foreign Language Classroom
  • James Robert Garner    Using Genre-Based Writing Tasks in the Korean Classroom
  • Nigel Gearing    Seeing It from the Other Side: One ESL Professor's Experience
  • Michael Griffin     You Are Doing It Wrong. Maybe.
  • Michael Griffin    Is South Korea Really in the Post-Method Era?
  • Sarah Gu    Imagining Extensive Speaking for EFL
  • Akil Hadid    Concerns faced by beginning foreign TESOLers in Korea
  • Yu Jung Han    Successfully Flipping the Classroom in the ELT Setting
  • Anthony Hanf    Resourcing Authentic Language in Television Series
  • Melissa Harris    Improving Group Dynamics via Cooperative Learning Principles
  • Min Gi Hong    How to Approach to Korean Adult Learners' Language Anxiety
  • Melanie Johnson    Advanced Motivation (for your students,and, hopefully, you.)
  • Kaj Kangas    Using Tests to Get Students Making More Natural Dialogues
  • Akasha C. Kanter    The Use of the CLT Method in a Korean Elementary Textbook
  • Craig Lambert    Communication Tasks and Classroom Motivation
  • Yong Jik Lee    Collaborative Teaching Between NESTs and NNESTs
  • Tiev Miller    ESP: Framework and Course Design
  • Emmy J. Min    A Case of Online TESOL Master's Program
  • Kyla Mitsunaga    Inspire + Be Inspired: How to NOT Bore Your Students (!)
  • Kenneth H. Moore    Responding to Student Writing: Techniques and Priorities
  • Lee Mordell    Learning Lexis as Phrasal Units and the Scrap Paper Approach
  • Jumjim Ngowananchai    B-SLIM Model as an English Teaching Model in Thailand
  • Leonie Overbeek    The Fallacy of Fun
  • William Owens    Expert and Nonexpert Teachers' Approaches to Problem-Solving
  • Glen Penrod    Helping Students Understand and Use Action/Status Verb Pairs
  • Olga M Peters    Classroom Application of Natural Approach to ESL Studies
  • Parker Rader    Bilingual Approaches for NESTs in Monolingual EFL Contexts
  • Spencer Rains    Would They Say That? Comprehension Activities for Dialogues
  • Eric Reynolds, Ph.D.    K-POP Goes Your Classroom
  • Laurie Schulte    University Conversation Curriculum: Student Perceptions
  • Brad Serl    Why Can't My Students Communicate?
  • Dr. David E. Shaffer    Making Interaction Key to Self-Directed Learning Projects
  • Dr. David E. Shaffer    English-based Loanword Bias in Korea: Its Source and Effect
  • Suet Yet Tam    Teaching Online Reading Using the 4C/ID Model
  • Su Hwi Tan    Individualised Learning in an International Context
  • Tory S. Thorkelson, M.Ed.     Leadership IQ: How to Develop and Improve Your Leadership
  • Peter Thwaites    Collaborative Writing - What, Why, and How
  • Kimberly Vinall; Jaran Shin    Developing Critical Cultural Awareness in ELT Contexts
  • Barry Welsh    Blogging and Metacognitive Awareness of Writing Strategies  

Reflective Practice SIG track

  • Nina Iscovitz    The Challenge of Description: Strategies for seeing through the cloud of emotion
  • Christopher Miller    Journaling for Professional Growth: Justification and Potential Avenues

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