KOTESOL Representative Application


Fellow KOTESOLers,

This web form allows you to apply for the opportunity to represent KOTESOL at an international conference. Only one designate is selected for reimbursement (currently up to 80% with a fixed maximum amount) as our official representative. The selection process is competitive based on the level at which applicants meet the selection criteria. Here is some further information about the selection process - in the spirit on openness and transparency. However, if you have any further questions, please email me ( and I will do my best to explain further.

The committee is made up of previous representatives, the KOTESOL President, the IOC Chair, and other members. The committee receives your details via this web form and then makes a decision based on the information you provide and the selection criteria below. In the event of a tie, the Chair casts a deciding vote.

There are a number of reasons why we send representatives to partner conferences. These include (but are not limited to): • fulfilling certain partnership agreements • learning about how other conferences and associations are run • making contacts in the international community • building an awareness of KOTESOL abroad. Some in KOTESOL believe that being able to represent KOTESOL at a conference is a membership benefit; others, however, believe it should only be offered to those who are fully involved with National Council and/or the National or International Conferences (ie those with a full-working knowledge of KOTESOL and its operations). We have tried to find a balance between these views by using criteria for selection.

In addition, we also offer a 'developing countries' grant for presenters who have already been accepted at a conference in a developing country in return for some KOTESOL-related duties. These grants are available on a case-by-case basis by application, and are more likely to be a member benefit.

In our selection criteria, some things that work in your favor are: • whether you have submitted a proposal, and whether it has been accepted • whether you are currently on the National Council, how long you have served, and what your position is • your length of KOTESOL membership and; • whether you have close ties with the partner conference organisers Things that may work against you are: • if you are not a member of KOTESOL (this automatically disqualifies you) • whether you have recently represented KOTESOL at an event • if you are unable to complete all the duties expected of you at the conference and; • if you cannot attend for the duration of the conference.

Finally, we also give priority to the KOTESOL President, the International Conference Chair and Co-Chair and the International Outreach Committee Chair.We look forward to receiving your application.


Before submitting an application, please take the following into consideration.  If you are unable to fulfill these basic requirements, please do NOT submit an application.

o   Up to a specified budget limit KOTESOL will cover 80% of costs while the representative will pay 20% of costs involved in representing KOTESOL.

o   Any gifts that you buy for conference organizers (bookmarks, chopsticks etc.) are fully refundable, but should not exceed 40,000 won without the prior agreement of the IOC Chair. You should take nice gifts for the President, Conference Chair and International Liaison as well as some smaller gifts for volunteers that help you out. All unused gifts should be returned.

o   ‘Costs’ includes all transport for the required time of the conference and may include additional unavoidable charges (eg. an extra night’s stay when the airlines do not have any flights). For PAC conferences, the host organizations provide some hotel accommodation [eg. in 2010, KOTESOL gave 2 nights, but JALT provided up to four], so hotel expenses are not part of the costs at PAC conferences.

o   For IATEFL, TESOL and ACTA, ‘costs’ also include hotel accommodation.

o   If the representative decides to stay longer for other purposes (eg. sightseeing), those hotel and other expenses are the responsibility of the representative. [Do not take this as a prohibition on extending your stay— it’s just that we will not pay extra for the extension]

o   With the exception of well understood “non-receipt” expenses (eg. Korean taxis), a receipt must document billed expenses.

o   KOTESOL will do our best to work with the representative in situations not covered here. However, it is important to communicate with the IOC Chair as early as possible to avoid extra expenses, difficult situations, etc.

o   You will not be reimbursed by KOTESOL until you have successfully completed your duties andthe two required reports(details below).

o   Once your reports are complete, please send full details of your expenses to the IOC Chair (do not send them directly to the National Treasurer).


Now, your responsibilities:


Prior to the conference you need to:

o   Read the two reports of the previous year’s representative

o   Contact the previous year’s representative and discuss the specifics of conference including the people they worked with in the host country and organization.

o   Based on that background information, let the IOC Chair know about any materials, needs, etc. that the Chair will need to provide for you, assist you with, or you help you gather.

o   While the IOC Chair will provide an initial contact with and introduction to the international liaison contact from the respective country, it is your responsibility to work directly with them regarding the specifics of timetables, conference responsibilities, hotel, travel, and other information as necessary.

o   Work with the IOC Chair to find the best airfare, hotel, etc to help reduce costs for both yourself and KOTESOL.

o   Take delivery of the KOTESOL banner and a boxful of KOTESOL publications.


At the conference you need to:

o   Set up the KOTESOL banner with a table and KOTESOL materials, publications, etc.

o   Be there from the very start to the very end (unless otherwise agreed with the IOC Chair)

o   Meet and greet representatives from the other affiliates

o   Take time to check out presenters

o   You may be offered a presentation slot, which you may or may not accept.

o   Represent us at any official Affiliate or PAC meeting.

o   Bring back any good ideas to the International Conference Committee (administrative, hospitality, program book, etc.)

o   All the other things that will appear suddenly and be asked of you that you can possibly handle.


After the conference you need to:

o   Send a complete a list of claimed expenses, with accompanying receipts/documentation and bank account information to the IOC Chair for approval.

o   Send the banner to the next rep to depart for a conference

o   Serve as a member of the International Outreach Committee for the next year until you have fully briefed the next year’s rep to this particular conference on their responsibilities, and they have returned.

o   Complete the two required reports:


1.      A narrative style report for The English Connection (TEC News). This should include:

·         Body text: about 830 words.

·         Author biodata: about 60 words

·         Author biodata photo: Portrait style

·         Story photos: two (2) photos (one or both not including KOTESOL rep).


2.      A technical “report to the national executive” to support futurerepresentatives and provide new ideas for KOTESOL’s International Conference (and other conferences), as well as help national build KOTESOL’s capacity, in general. The IOC Chair will provide you with a template report for you to complete.


Please send both reports to the IOC Chair.

Thank you.



Have you represented KOTESOL at an International Conference within the last 3 years?
The current conferences were are supporting are: JALT (Oct 25-28), ETA-ROC (Nov 8), FEELTA (Nov. X date)