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Plenary Speakers

Thomas S.C. Farrell

Brock University, Canada

  • Opening Plenary Session
    Professional Development of 21st Century Language Teachers Through Reflective Practice>
  • Invited Second Session (Workshop)
    Standing Up for Your Principles: The Power of Reflective Practice


Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa

Harvard University Extension School, USA

  • Sunday Plenary Session
    You Can’t Get Apples from a Pear Tree: What Teachers Need to Know and Be Able to Do in the 21st Century
  • Invited Second Session (Workshop)
    Creating a Personalized Professional Development Program to Enhance 21st Century Skills


Featured Speakers

Willy A. Renandya

National Institute of Education, Singapore

  • Featured Session
    Enhancing L2 Learning Using Simple Technology
  • Invited Second Session (Workshop)
    Is “Dadok” (다독/ER) the Missing Link in L2 Learning?


William Littlewood

Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Featured Session
    Back to Basics for the 21st Century: Language Learning as Memorization
  • Invited Second Session
    Time Past, Time Present, Time Future


Robert S. Murphy

University of Kitakyushu, Japan

  • Featured Session
    7 Brain-Friendly Ways to Foster Deeper Understanding and Autonomy in Your Classroom
  • Invited Second Session (Workshop)
    Designing a Better Brain-Friendly Syllabus: 5 Major Points to Remember!


Boyoung Lee (이보영)

Ewha Womans University, Seoul

  • Featured Session
    Second Language Teacher Education: Enhancing Teacher Training and Professional Development in CLT


Burcu Tezcan-Unal

IATEFL TTEd-SIG & Zayed University, UAE

  • Featured Session
    The Demands of the 2020 Job Market, Transferable Skills, and ELT
  • Invited Second Session
    Timeless Interplay Between Learners, Teachers, and Learning


Todd Beuckens

ELLLO & Ristumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

  • Featured Session
    PUSH Your Lessons Beyond the Classroom
  • Invited Second Session
    Build Your Own LMS – For Free


Kara Mac Donald

Defense Language Institute, USA

  • Featured Session
    Communicative Instructional Approaches: A Framework for 21st Century Skills
  • Invited Second Session
    Making “Gwaoe” and “Hagwon” Lessons More Collaborative


Lynda Yates

Macquarie University, Australia

  • Featured Session
    Teaching Language and Culture for the 21st Century

Invited Speakers

Chuck Sandy

International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi)

  • Invited Session I (with Josette LeBlanc)
    Answering the Call to Vocation: An (ELT) Idea Igniter
  • Invited Session II (with Timothy Hampson)
    Teaching Life Through Stories


Whitney Mirts

Regional English Language Officer (RELO), U.S. Embassy in Manila

  • Invited Session
    The Role of the U.S. Department of State in Enhancing English Language Teaching and Learning in the East Asia Pacific Region
  • Invited Second Session
    Using Games in the Classroom


Richard Waddell & William Coward

Australian Centre for Education Campus in Siem Reap / CamTESOL

  • Invited Session
    Developing Teachers for the Long Haul


Invited Presenter

Tim Clauson

The British Council, Seoul

  • Invited Session
    Becoming a Class(room)Dojo: Classroom Management Software + Young Learners


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