Bio's - Executives

1. Yongin Chapter President

Martin Todd

Martin Todd received his BA from Dalhousie University. He has done post-graduate study in TESL/TEFL, after serving in the military for almost a decade. Martin has held positions at a number of universities, including KAIST. As a KOTESOL member, he has been on the Yongin Chapter executive for over three years, serving as 1st and 2nd Vice-President, and chapter conference co-chair for three years before becoming chapter president. Martin is presently a self-employed ELT professional in the Suwon area.

2. Yongin Chapter First Vice-President

Duksoon Hahn

Duksoon Hahn has really enjoyed meeting other English language teaching professionals and appreciates everything she has learned through attendance at the KOTESOL events. She has been attending regional chapters and international conferences for over 10 years. As a result of these positive experiences, she was encouraged to take a leadership role within the chapter. She was elected to serve as Yongin Chapter Secretary in 2016 and asked to co-chair a successful Yongin Chapter Conference in November 2016. Duksoon currently runs a study room in Pyeongtaek, enjoys being a...

3. Yongin Chapter Second Vice-President

Dongsook Park

Dongsook Park first joined KOTESOL in 2005 and has learned a lot about the English teaching profession, especially the various instructional methods to ensure comprehension and student enjoyment.  Although she took leave because of her distance to Suwon and her busy schedule, she has come back to KOTESOL by attending the Yongin meetings. Dongsook rejoined in 2014 because some of her friends who are teachers wanted to learn new teaching methods. She has thoroughly enjoyed being with KOTESOL and constantly brings a warm, welcoming feeling to the meetings. She has pledged...

4. Yongin Chapter Secretary

Katie Jiyeon Lim

Katie Jiyeon Lim majored in Tourism and French in college and earned a M.A. in TESOL. About 10 years ago, she couldn’t even say a word in English, but now she is teaching TEPS and TOEFL to secondary students. She is always open to share her stories with both aspiring and experienced teachers. Katie, just like many of us who want to help other teachers, likes working with others to improve their teaching competence.  Although she is a fairly new KOTESOL member she recently gave a workshop at the Yongin KOTESOL Conference in November 2016.

5. Yongin Chapter Tresurer

 David D.I. Kim

David D.I. Kim brings his understanding, perspective and wisdom from various teaching and leadership experiences. Within local efforts of KOTESOL and as part of the national leadership teams, he has contributed to the recognition of KoTESOL as a professional oganization. Specifically here at Yongin, he was a founding Chapter President and remained in that position for four additional years. He was elected to be our Treasurer in 2016 and will remain for the year 2017. He understands the need for a balanced budget while also thinking creatively about how to make a...

6. Youngin Graduate Student Representative

Stewart Gray

Stewart Gray has been involved with the Yongin KOTESOL chapter for close to 2 years as a member and conference/workshop presenter. He always likes to get together with teachers, and is a frequent presenter and attendee at conferences throughout Korea. His areas of research interest include language and identity, critical pedagogies, and reflective practice. He completed his MA at Dankook University in Yongin and has many friends and colleagues in the city, so hopes to be able to spread news and offer invitations to all of the Yongin KOTESOL chapter's events.

7. Yongin Immediate Past President

Robert Kim

Robert has served various roles for the Yongin KOTESOL Chapter. He has been the president, first-vice-preisdent, immediate past pesident, and chapter webeditor. Robert has actively prmoted the chapter through facebook and even co-chaired some of Yongin's annual conference. He has taught ESL and EFL respectively in the United States and Korea repsectively. He can be reached at