Bio's - Executives


1. Lindsay Herron


Gwangju National University of Education
English Education

Lindsay Herron has been a visiting professor at Gwangju National University of Education in Gwangju since 2008. Prior to that, she taught English on a Fulbright grant at Seogwipo High School in Jeju-do. She has a master’s degree in Language Education from Indiana University-Bloomington, a master’s in Cinema Studies from New York University, bachelor’s degrees in English and Psychology from Swarthmore College, a CELTA, and the CELTA YL Extension. She is...

2. Dr. David E. Shaffer


Chosun University, English Language Department (emeritus)

David E. Shaffer has been a KOTESOL member since the beginnings of the Jeolla Chapter in 1993. He has been a professor of English at Chosun University throughout his career in TESOL/Applied Linguistics. He holds a doctorate in Linguistics and advanced certificates in TESOL. At Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter, Dr. Shaffer served a number of years as Chapter Advisor and as Chapter Conference officer before becoming Chapter President (2009-16). At the National level, he...

4. Bryan Hale


Yeongam High School, Yeongam, Jeonnam
Phone: Phone: 010-9184-0282

Bryan Hale is from Australia. After graduating, he spent a chunk of life in an office job in Sydney, wondering what you do with a BA in English. Then he got a CELTA and discovered that he loves English language teaching. Bryan has been in Korea since 2011. He currently teaches at Yeongam High School in Jeolla-namdo. His previous experience includes both public school and hagwon teaching, working with all age groups but middle school students in...

4. Lisa Casaus

Membership Coordinator

Lisa Casaus teaches English at Pungam and Unli Elementary Schools in Gwangju. She is an accomplished illustrator from Alburquerque, New Mexico (USA), where she studied at the Southwest University of Visual Arts. Lisa is active in Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter's Reflective Practice SIG.

Lisa is the creator of Baby Onion (below) and many other characters. See them at And more at


5. Jocelyn Wright


Mokpo National University
Department of English Language and Literature
Mokpo, Jeolla-namdo

Jocelyn Wright, Assistant Professor in the English Language and Literature Department at Mokpo National University, specializes in Practical English. She obtained an honor’s degree in linguistics, has done graduate studies in the field of education, and is also CELTA certified. She began teaching English in 1999 and has taught EFL in a variety of contexts, not only in Korea but also in France, French-Canada, and the...

8. Gene S. Shaffer


Dong-gu, Gwangju

Gene Shaffer graduated from the English Department of Korea Soongsil Cyber University after studying at The Pennsylvania State University (USA). Being born and raised in Korea in a bilingual environment, he is fluent in both English and Korean. Gene has been a KOTESOL member since 2007 and has volunteered service to the International Conference Committee since that time -- first with their Registration Committee and since 2011 as Financial Affairs Manager. He has also served as an assistant to the National...