Speech Showdown at The 2014 KOTESOL-KAFLE Int'l Conference

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2014 KOTESOL-KAFLE International Conference

Speech Showdown

This year we have teamed up with Toastmasters to bring you a great opportunity to improve your public speaking! The showdown will consist of 2 rounds. The first round will be the submission of your speech as a video. The second round will be a live speech at the conference. Embrace change and get involved with this chance to blaze new frontiers!

  • Title: “What student has inspired you the most?”
  • Round 1: Video submission
  • 5-7 minutes
  • Submit to by August 31st, 23:59

Who is this for? Anyone born before August 15, 1996.

What is the topic of the speech? The speech should answer the question,
“What student has inspired you the most?”

That sounds really interesting, what do I do next? To compete in the first round, record your speech and submit it in .mp4 format. The video should be submitted to The deadline for submission is August 30th at 23:59. Remember to include your name and speech title in the subject line. 

What happens after I submit? Winners of the video round will be notified Friday, September 12th. The second, live speech round will take place Sunday, October 5th. The speech you give in the second round will be substantially the same.

Wow, could I be any more motivated?! How about fabulous prizes?

  • 1st place will win ₩200,000 + 1 year KOTESOL membership,
  • 2nd place will win ₩100,000 + 1 year KOTESOL membership 
  • 3rd place will win  ₩50,000 + 1 year KOTESOL membership


Email any questions to: