Proceedings and Extended Summaries

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General Guidelines: KOTESOL Proceedings 2012

KOTESOL Proceedings 2012 submissions should

  1. Be more than just handouts or a lecture outlines and be written so that the content is accessible to a broad readership. If an extended summary was submitted to the Conference Program Guide, the proceedings submission should, at the very least, be an expansion and revision of what appeared there.
  2. Be consistent with the guidelines of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th ed., especially for in-text citations and reference lists. The following link provides a good introduction to the basics of the APA style: (click on the tutorial ‘The basics of APA style’ or on the tab Learning APA style.) Note: If the APA style is not followed, your submission will not be considered for inclusion in the 2012 Proceedings.
  3. Be limited to no more than 4,000 words (2,000 for panel-discussions and workshop reports).
  4. Have an abstract of 150 words or less at the beginning of the article.
  5. Be accompanied by a biographical statement of up to 100 words just before the reference list section for each author, plus any special, brief acknowledgements or notations the author/s wish to include.
  6. Be submitted by email attachment to
  7. Be accompanied by an email message that includes contact information: full mailing address, alternate email address(es), telephone numbers (and fax number, if available).
  8. Not have been previously published nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  9. Be in a Microsoft Word file format (.doc or .docx), accompanied by attachments of all graphical items (see below for supported file formats.)
  10. Be accompanied by a signed Copyrights Agreement form, scanned and submitted as an email attachment.
  11. Be submitted no later than 15 January 2013.
  12. Follow the general format of:
  • Title
  • Abstract [Required]
  • Main Body of Paper
  • The Author(s) [biodata (Required)]
  • References [if any]
  • Selected Resources / Select Readings / Etc. [if any]
  • Appendix / Appendices [if any]
  • Notes (Endnotes) [not encouraged]

We strongly recommend you do not exceed 10 pages (4,000 words, less tables or figures), do not underline titles, etc., do not hyphenate at the end of lines, and insert only a single space between words and sentences.


KOTESOL retains the right to edit submissions to enhance spelling, grammar, clarity and style. The editors reserve the right to edit all copies for length, style, and clarity, without prior notification to authors. Material published in the Proceedings should not be construed to have the endorsement of Korea TESOL or its officers. Submissions in disagreement with these guidelines may not be accepted for publication.

Supported File Formats

Text files: Microsoft Word 2007, or earlier versions, are preferred. Please do not send files in Hangul  (.hwp).

Graphics: All graphics should be both inserted in the appropriate place within the text file and submitted as separate graphic files. The preferred formats for graphics are JPEG for continuous tone images and BMP (bitmap) for mono- or duo-tone images. Inclusion of non-table, non-graph artwork is not guaranteed. Due to size limitations, some artwork may not be published.

KOTESOL Proceedings 2012 Copyrights Agreemen

The AUTHOR, by submitting their material(s) to Korea TESOL (KOTESOL) for publication considerations in KOTESOL Proceedings, hereby releases all copyright ownerships and permissions to KOTESOL, contingent upon publication by KOTESOL within one (1) year of receipt. The AUTHOR is individually and personally responsible for obtaining permissions in cases of prior publication in whole or part for any copyright infringements within the materials. Such permissions should be in written form, and included in the original submission. Absence of such permissions in no way relieves or reduces the sole liability of the AUTHOR, should copyright issues arise.

KOTESOL will advise the AUTHOR within three (3) months of receipt of the material(s) of intent to publish and form of the publication. Prior to notice of intent to publish, the AUTHOR has the right to withdraw their submission.

After publication by KOTESOL, KOTESOL agrees to grant reprint rights to all requesters, subject to concurrent approval by the AUTHOR. Nevertheless, the AUTHOR shall make pro forma requests to KOTESOL for copyright release prior to reprinting the material(s) in any form. KOTESOL shall also make such pro forma request to the AUTHOR for copyright release prior to reprinting the materials. Any reprint of the material(s) shall bear the phrase "reprinted with permission from KOTESOL Proceedings 2012" or other similarly worded phrase.

KOTESOL's right of publication shall extend from the initial paper production (if any), to maintenance of the materials in an electronic media "library" such as an internet-based "web page" (if any), to production of permanent electronic media such as CD-ROM, so long as the material(s) are maintained in a collection of material(s) similarly first-published.