Presenter Advisory

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Congratulations on being accepted to present at the 20th Annual KOTESOL International Conference!



This page is intended to answer many of the questions you may have at this time about the International Conference and your presentation(s).

Be sure to check your spam box occasionally, as valid messages from Conference management can end up there.

This page contains important information you will need. Please save it, print it or come back to it when you have questions. 

1.  Membership

All presenters and co-presenters at the 2012 KOTESOL International Conference must be members of KOTESOL

If your KOTESOL membership is expiring or you are not yet a member, you can find membership information at the join KOTESOL link above. People outside of Korea who wish to join KOTESOL should choose the International Membership option.

2. Registration

In addition to confirming your membership, you will need to pre-register as a presenter for the International Conference. 

Register as a presenter for the conference at the Presenter Registration Page.

You may want to add together your membership and Conference fees, and pay for them in one payment,  then return to the website to finish enrolling and registering.

3.  Equipment

Your presentation room will have a laptop / computer and a projector for you to use at no additional charge. 

4.  Extended Summaries / Proceedings

Every year we include extended summaries in the conference book. This is optional, but if you are interested in submitting an extended summary, please <email>, Extended Summaries Editor, 

 Extended summaries are due <Date>

5.  Visas and Letters of Invitation

Many people visiting Korea can enter on the visa waiver program. Some presenters will need official Letters of Invitation to get visas for Korea. If you are coming from another country, please check with your local authorities or designated Korean Embassy to find out what documentation you will need.

If you will need an official Letter of Invitation for visa purposes or for your institution, please send a short email to the Conference Chair, Carl Dusthimer requesting one. We will send a PDF file by email.

6.  Transportation and Hotels

Sookmyung Women’s University is centrally located in Seoul not too far from Seoul Station. There is convenient public transportation from Incheon Airport to the Train Station area.

You can get more information on accomodation and transportation as well as getting to the venue at the venue page