Partnership - Teacher Education Associates

Korea TESOL has redefined a classic partnership type: the Teacher Education Associate (TEA, formerly known as TTA).

TEAs are post-secondary schools that educate future and in-service teachers of English. Most often they offer a Master's degree in a related field (TESOL, Linguistics, Education, English) or a Certificate/Diploma course in TESOL/TEFL, some programs offer short-term instruction on narrower topics.

The field of teacher education is growing increasingly competitive, with more schools offering short-term programs, summer-only courses, and distance-mode instruction (in whole or part). Nevertheless, some teachers still target a longer break from teaching, to do a more traditional course of study.

All the while, demand for higher qualifications is growing rapidly in Korea. Government-funded programs are requiring a minimum 100-hour TESOL/TEFL certification for teachers (including in-class component, see here and here for more info), universities now enforce rules for a Master's degree from all instructors, and doctorates for the preferred (and better-paying) opportunities. In this way, Korea's ELT field is following the "up or out" qualifications paradigms of Japan and Taiwan.

Korea TESOL is strongly supportive of informing our practicioners of the many educational opportunities available for professional development.

In order to reduce costs of participating in the annual KOTESOL International Conference, we are suggesting that schools consider their recent graduates working in Northeast Asia as possible representatives. We do of course welcome your faculty - perhaps they might even be selected to present before the assemblies!

Our Organizational Partners Agreement outlines the benefits of parthership. Only partners may participate at the annual international conference (though other marketing opportunities are available during the year).

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Long-term partners of KOTESOL include:

  • University of Birmingham
  • Macquarie University
  • The New School
  • School for International Training


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