Mail Members through Drupal

Mailing to members via the Drupal system (rather than downloading email addresses and sending emails through an independent service) is a new feature.

This (silent) video shows you what you need to know.

Sending email is only available to the logged-in Webeditor for each Chapter.

Please note that the top line (headers) for selecting recipients has a box - this box "selects all" on that page.  If your Chapter has more than one page in the listing of members, you will need to send a separate email batch for each list page.

The list is only for current members who have selected your chapter.

We suggest you choose your official email address as a sending address (bounces and replies will go there), you can set up an autoforward on that account if you don't check it regularly. (contact if you need help with autoforwarding)

Please note - the server has a "speed limit" of 150 messages per hour. Because various users of the website may have a few messages here and there, we recommend you not send any batch greater than 140 recipients (number of recipients = number of messages). Thus if you have more recipients, make more batches. Our server's clock hour may not match your own, so plan for more than 75 minutes between batches. (at present the site display 50 members per page display, so if you have more than 130 members we'll suggest you first send to the first two pages, then 80 or so minutes later, the couple pages, etc.)


KOTESOL MailMembers tutorial