KTT Process

This information is intended for chapter presidents, KTT members and anyone who wishes to request a KTT speaker.

  • Chapters are entitled to receive funding for a KTT speaker twice a year - that is once per semester.
  • Funding covers a KTT speaker's honorarium and travel expenses.
  • Additional funding is available for outreach events - that is where you hold a meeting outside your regular meeting place.
  • If you want a KTT speaker for another reason, you will need to agree to terms with the speaker directly.

The process below should help ensure things happen smoothly.

  1. If funding is required, the chapter president must contact the KTT Coordinator first and receive approval. If no funding is required, move directly to step 2.
  2. Ask the KTT coordinator to get you a speaker for a set date. It is also possible to contact a speaker directly and set up a date, but please keep the KTT coordinator in the loop at
  3. Once agreed, the speaker should provide the requester with a bio and abstract. The requester should provide travel directions to the speaker. It is very useful if a pick up is provided for speakers from the bus/train station to the venue.
  4. After the presentation, the speaker should scan and email travel receipts to the KTT coordinator along with bank account details. A Request for Disbursement is prepared by the coordinator and then sent to the National Treasurer for final approval. If approved, payment is made directly into the speaker's bank account. Important note: Keep all travel receipts - no receipt, no payment.


I hope this is reasonably clear, but if you still have questions, please email the KTT coordinator: