KOTESOL Proceedings 2014

Publication Date: 
October 1, 2015

KOTESOL Proceedings 2014

Embracing Change: Blazing New Frontiers Through Language Teaching

Proceedings of the KOTESOL / KAFLE International Conference

Seoul, Korea
October 4-5, 2014

—— Contents ——

Plenary Speaker
03 The Body Remembers
— Scott Thornbury
Featured Speaker
09 The “Front Tier” of Pronunciation: A Right-Side-Up Approach
— Daniel Evans

23 Integrating Authentic English Interaction (AEI) in Advanced English Content-Based Courses
— Shannon M. Ahrndt, Katherine A. Lloyd, Raymond C. Salcedo
33 Motivating Mouths: A Remedial Pronunciation Project for the Primary Classroom
— Rheanne Anderson
41 The Halo Effect and Student Perceptions of Cross-testing
— Ian Baddon, Greg (Alan) Parkinson
53 Student Concordancing: Using COCA to Increase Learner Independence
— Brian Carlstrom
61 Student Satisfaction in Theory and in Practice
— Peter Carter
67 The Effect of Graphic Organizer and Discourse Marker Instruction on Reading Comprehension Among Young Korean English Learners
— Hyeong Jun Chae
77 Stepping Closer to Authenticity to the Classroom
— Samuel Crofts
83 A New Perspective in Reading: Digitalized Graphic Novels in EFL
— Norman Fewell, George MacLean
97 Literacy Autobiography in EFL Contexts: Investigating Japanese Student Language Learning Experiences
— Yutaka Fujieda, Atsushi Iida
105 Authentic Tasks with Mobile Apps and Web 2.0 Tools
— Kara Mac Donald, Unsoon Won
115 EFL Literature Circles: Implementation and Assessment
— Kevin M. Maher
125 Finding the Hero in the Young Student Whilst Embracing the Dark Side; and Putting the Psychological Goal into Teaching English
— Amanda Maitland
131 Exploring Mindspace and Moment Mapping
— Craig Manning
137 How to End a Class Well
— Craig Manning
145 Using Rubrics as Formative Assessments to Coach ELL Writers
— Alex Monceaux, Jesty Anak Daip
161 Study-Abroad Program Assessment Through Social Networking Sites
— Kevin Ottoson
171 Video-Based Reflection: Corrective Feedback Patterns and Teacher Development
— Jesse Patterson, Jeremy Redlich, Ana Hofmeyr, Peter W. Roux
181 Curriculum Change: The Evolution of a University Language Center
— Edward Sarich, Jack Ryan
189 Student Portfolios: Reading and Writing Class Assessment Tools
— Sarah Seitzinger
203 Investigating EFL Learners’ Willingness to Communicate
— Huei-Chun Teng
213 Helping Young Learners Improve Pronunciation with Serious Games
— Simon Thollar
227 Learning from Play: Developing and Implementing Classroom Games
— Greg Thompson, Jeán Adama

Conference Overview
239 Presentations at the 2014 KOTESOL / KAFLE Conference