KOTESOL Proceedings 2013

Publication Date: 
October 1, 2014

KOTESOL Proceedings 2013

Exploring the Road Less Traveled: From Practice to Theory

Proceedings of the 21st Annual KOTESOL International Conference
Seoul, Korea
October 12-13, 2013

----- Contents -----

Plenary Speaker

11 Theorizing “Down” Instead of “Up”: The Special Contribution of Exploratory Practice
--- Dick Allwright
Featured Speakers
29 Teacher Education at the Crossroads: The Role of Theory and Practice
--- Gabriel Diaz Maggioli
35 English for Global Communication: What Matters?
--- Jihyeon Jeon
47 Understanding Language Learning by Looking at Faulty Memory
--- Curtis Kelly
55 Developing Principles and Strategies for Communication-Oriented Language Teaching
--- Bill Littlewood

69 Collaborative Writing in a Korean EFL Context
--- Ian Baddon
83 Development of a Teacher-Generated Curriculum at a Korean University
--- Geoffrey Butler, Simon Heslup, and Lara Kurth
95 Data-Driven Learning Made Easy
--- Brian Carlstrom
103 Language Anxiety in Second Language Writing: Is It Really a Stumbling Block?
--- Sujeong Choi
117 Discourse Markers in the Spoken Discourse of Korean University Students in Manila
--- Selwyn Cruz and Roger Bingculado
129 How EFL Teachers Can Effectively Use Peer Review
--- Evelyn Doman
141 The Road to a Successful Curriculum: From Practice to Theory
--- Neil Heffernan
151 Teaching Collocations in Asia: How Can the Lexical Approach Work?
--- Trevor Ho
159 Linking Thinking on Reading in English: Vocabulary and Phonemic Awareness
--- Anne Ihata
165 Using a Rubric to Encourage Active Participation
--- Roderick Lange and Samuel Barclay
177 Teaching the Research Paper
--- Damian Lucantonio
187 Primary School Foreign Language Activities: Teacher Responses to Japan’s First Steps
--- Sean Mahoney
195 Training Sessions on Classroom English for Pre-service Teachers in Japan
--- Mai Matsunaga
205 Returnee and Non-returnee Narratives for Intercultural Understanding
--- Kevin Ottoson
217 Teach Bilingually or Monolingually? Teacher Use of the Students’ L1 in the Classroom
--- Cameron Romney
225 Analysis of EFL Learners’ Task Strategies for Listening Comprehension Test
--- Huei-Chun Teng
235 A Content Creation Tool for SLA: An Introduction to Machinima
--- Greg Thompson and Jonathan Loh
245 Relative Impact of Pronunciation Errors in Non-native Speech on Native Listeners’ Perceptual Judgments
--- Yen Thi Hoang Vo
253 From Learner Autonomy in Practice to Language Proficiency in Theory
--- Stacey Vye
261 Getting Students to Speak on Topics of Interest
--- Elizabeth Yoshikawa

Conference Overview
271 Presentations at the 21st Korea TESOL Conference


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