KOTESOL Proceedings 2012

Publication Date: 
October 1, 2013

KOTESOL Proceedings 2012

Perfect Score: Methodologies, Technologies, & Communities of Practice
Proceedings of the 20th Annual Korea TESOL International Conference
Seoul, Korea
October 20-21, 2012

----- Contents -----

  • Building and Strengthening Teacher Communities of Practice (Plenary Speaker, Brock Brady)
  • Getting to Grips with Phrasal Expressions: Challenges and Recommendations (Featured Speaker, Frank Boers)
  • Techniques for Developing Student's Reading Fluency (Featured Speaker, Fredricka L. Stoller)
  • Extensive Reading in Korea: 10 Years and Going Strong (Featured Speaker, Rob Waring)
  • The Effect of Interlocutor Proficiency on EFL Paired Oral Assessment (Huei-Chun Teng)
  • Classroom Management Strategies to Live By (Amanda Maitland EL Amri)
  • The Meaning and Practice of Professionalism (Simon Gillett)
  • Korea TESOL and ATEK: A Comparative Study of Their Current and Potential Benefits for English Teachers in Korea (Tory Thorkelson)
  • Using Symbols, Acronyms, and Shorthand in ESP (Michael Guest)
  • Teachers! Stop Talking and Use Your Hands (Steve Eigenberg)
  • Use of Language Learning Strategies Among Low Proficiency Japanese University Students (Andrew Thompson and Robert Cochrane)
  • Ideas for Evaluating Homework Design (Robert Cochrane)
  • Teach Me to Teach English in English: Navigating “Top-Down” Implementation of Target Language as the Medium of Instruction for Korean-Speaking Teachers of English Language (Mercurius Goldstein)
  • Agency and Belonging in the Collaborative Village: Case Studies from Two Asian Contexts (Terry Nelson and Tim Murphey)
  • A Holistic Approach to Storybook-Based Teaching for Beginning Learners (Eli Miller)
  • Japanese Students' Perceptions of the Most Motivating Classroom Activities (Mutahar Al-Murtadha)
  • Feed-up, Feedback and Feedforward: Re-examining Effective Teacher-Student Interaction (Charles Anderson)
  • The Classroom Mirror: Reap the Rewards of Video in Your TESOL/ELT Environment (Tom Randolph)
  • Linguistic Dimensions of EFL Learners' Willingness to Communicate (Wannaprapha Suksawas)
  • Teaching Your Tongue to Talk: Intensive Pronunciation Instruction (Rheanne Anderson)
  • Effect of Discrimination Training on the Production of Non-native Phonemes (Yoko Kusumoto)
  • A Practical CALL Course for Korean Middle and High School English Teachers (Dion Clingwall)
  • Exploring Mobile App Game Design for Vocabulary Practice (Oliver Rose)
  • Composition Feedback: The Good, the Bad and the Possible (Joel Diamond)


In addition to the online version, there are also a limited number of hardcopies of Proceedings 2012 available for those members who prefer a hardcopy for their research and reading. For a current member to obtain a hardcopy of Proceedings 2012, send name and complete postal mailing address (using the new addressing system, in Korea) to (preferably by March 31, 2014).