Korea TESOL Journal 11-1 Reviews Supplement

Publication Date: 
December 30, 2014

This Reviews Supplement to the Korea TESOL Journal 11-1 includes nine book reviews and one software review that were originally prepared for earlier publication. They are now available online (i.e., not part of the print version of volume 11-1). We hope you find them valuable.


Book Reviews

English for Specific Purposes . . . 255
By Keith Harding
Reviewed by Michael Duffy

Language Teacher Research Series:
Language Research in Asia
. . . 258
By Thomas S. C. Farrell (Ed.).
Reviewed by Andrew Finch

Dialogue Activities: Exploring Spoken
Interaction in the Language Class
. . . 263
By Nick Bilbrough
Reviewed by Roger Fusselman

Doing Task-Based Teaching . . . 267
By Dave Willis and Jane Willis
Reviewed by Grace H. Wang

From Language Learner to Language Teacher: An Introduction
to Teaching English as a Foreign Language
. . . 271
By Don Snow
Reviewed by Hansung Kim

Practice in a Second Language: Perspectives from
Applied Linguistics and Cognitive Psychology
. . . 274
By Robert M. DeKeyser (Ed.)
Reviewed by Douglas Paul Margolis

Teaching Vocabulary: Strategies and Techniques . . . 278
By I.S.P. Nation
Reviewed by Kevin Parent

Teaching Other Subjects Through English . . . 280
By Sheelagh Deller and Christine Price
Reviewed by Robert J. Dickey

Storybuilding . . . 284
By Jane Spiro
Reviewed by Roxanne Silvaniuk

Software Reviews

Language Gardening . . . 287
By Clarity Language Consultants, Ltd.
Reviewed by Tim Whitman