Jeju KOTESOL Regional Conference

Saturday, June 27, 2015 -
13:00 to 17:00
Jeju Foreign Language Center Jeju City , Jeju-do
South Korea
Jeju-do KR
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On June 27, 2015 Jeju KOTESOL will hold its first KOTESOL Regional Conference. Regional conferences are designed to bring a wider range of resources and expertise to areas that would otherwise go without.

The Jeju conference will be 4 hours long beginning with a plenary session given by Peadar Callahan, KOTESOL National President. The following three hours will consist of 9 sessions of 45 minutes for the attendees to choose from. The 9 sessions will include workshops, seminars and talks that follow the theme of Blending Tradition with Innovation. This theme will review traditional teaching techniques while introducing more modern ideas that can be used in the classroom to improve the learner experience and overall level of English. The attendees will get practical ideas to implement in the classroom supported by the teaching theory behind the ideas.

The conference will welcome a variety of speakers from across Korea including Peadar Callahan, KOTESOL National President and Lindsay Herron, KOTESOL First Vice-President. 

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