2017 KOTESOL National Conference

National Conference 2017

"Boosting the Power of ELT ㅡ FABulously!"

ㅡ Neuroscience for enhancing language teaching ㅡ

May 13-14, 2017 (Sat.-Sun.); Seoul

Call for Proposals: HERE (Deadline: March 1)

Korea TESOL is bringing FAB 11 to our National Conference and to Korea for the first time ever! The FAB Conference Series, originating in Japan, puts on conferences on "neuro-ELT"; that is, the  findings from neuroscience and their application to English teaching. This may sound very academic, but it is actually very, very practical and provides surprising insights into teaching for the ELT practitioner. KOTESOL is integrating a FAB conference component into our national conference for 2017, giving this two-day event more power to boost our knowledge and skills than ever before.

ㅡ Curtis Kelly (Kansai University, Japan)
ㅡ Robert S. Murphy (University of Kitakyushu, Japan)

Saturday Sessions
Saturday's schedule will include concurrent FAB sessions on neuro-ELT and KOTESOL sessions on a variety of ELT topics, in addition to the two plenary sessions.

Sunday Workshops
Sunday's schedule will be devoted exclusively to a series of workshops sessions headed by some of the leading authorities in neuro-ELT.

In addition to our plenary speakers, Curtis Kelly and Robert Murphy, the two-day FAB sessions will include sessions by
ㅡ Marc Helgesen
ㅡ Tim Murphey
ㅡ Joseph Shaules
ㅡ Amanda Furutaka
and many more FAB regulars. The FAB folks are promising an all-star show!

Check back here for all of the most current information on the upcoming KOTESOL spring conference.

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