2017 KOTESOL International Conference

Call for Presentations

in association with the
Pan Asian Consortium of Language Teaching Societies
Invites you to participate in the

25th Annual Korea TESOL International Conference
"Why are we here? Analogue Learning in a Digital Era"

21-22 October 2017
Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul, South Korea

The International Conference Committee of Korea TESOL invites proposals for

Workshops (45 or 80 minutes)
Practice-Oriented Presentations (45 or 80 minutes)
Research-Oriented Presentations (20 minutes)
Panels (80 or 105 minutes)
Dialogues (45 minutes)
Poster Presentations

Description of Presentation Types:

  • Workshop (45 or 80 minutes): A carefully structured, hands-on, professional development activity. The presenter(s) and participants tackle a problem or develop specific teaching or research techniques.
  • Practice-Oriented Presentation (45 or 80 minutes): A session that shows, not just tells, a technique for teaching or testing. The presenter should spend a limited amount of time explaining the underlying theory and spend the remainder of the session explaining the practice and its implementation.
  • Research-Oriented Presentation (20 minutes): A summary of the presenters' topic and work in relation to theory and/or practice. 
  • Panel (80 or 105 minutes): A forum for a group of professionals to present and discuss current ELT issues. Panel presentations can be focused on practice, research, and/or advocacy. Presenters exchange outlines in advance and discuss responses to the issue during the session.
  • Dialogue (45 minutes): Peer-to-peer facilitated discussions about a hot topic in TESOL. The facilitator should have a strong knowledge of the designated topic and be able to engage the audience in the discussion.
  • Poster Presentation: A visually explanatory exhibit that allows for short, informal discussion between the presenter(s) and attendees as they circulate within the poster-session area.


We are particularly interested in:

  • The future of ELT professional development
  • Language Teaching and Learning Organizations in various contexts
  • 101 sessions aimed at basic classroom skills for new teachers
  • Innovative ideas, and research in the general field of ELT
  • Creative ways to connect with students and to connect students to each other
  • Fresh teaching strategies and techniques


Workshops involving active attendee participation will be given priority consideration.

To find more information and to submit your proposal via the online form, go to:
2017 International Conference Presentation Proposal Submissions
Proposals will be accepted 1 February through 31 May 2017.

We accept proposals from KOTESOL members and non-members alike; however, all presenters must be members of KOTESOL at the time of the conference. 

You may submit several proposals; however, no more than two proposals will be accepted from any one person. All proposals will be vetted in a blind process.

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