Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee is responsible for presenting KOTESOL events, members, and the organization as a whole to the wider community.  This includes development of materials for mass-media.  The committee works with other committees in KOTESOL, such as Membership Committee, conference committees, chapters, SIGs, and the website team, to sucessfully carry out the organization's designs.

Find our work in the Media section of this website.

The Committee

Lisa Bellamy, Chair
Peadar Callaghan (Ex-Officio)
Rob Dickey
Robert Kim
David Shaffer
Deborah Tarbet

Additional members invited!

Aims and Objectives 2013

  1. To develop new materials supporting the advancement of the organization, activities of the organization at national and local levels, and membership development.
  2. To proactively communicate with Korean and English-language media in furtherance of item #1.
  3. To deliver the message through diverse media, including print materials, print, audio, video, and internet mass-media, as well as the KOTESOL website, facebook, youtube, and independent social networking services and websites.

Your input invited and requested.