Organizational Partners

KOTESOL's Organizational Partners (OPs) are those groups and businesses that partner with KOTESOL for mutual marketing support.

Teachers are discerning and educated consumers with disposable income -- whether expatriate or Korean, they are not only prime targets for you, but word-of-mouth within the teaching community is particularly strong!

Currently KOTESOL maintains three general statuses of partnership:

  • Premium Program Associates
  • General Partnership Associates (GPAs)
  • Teacher Education Associates (TEAs)

These organizations provide financial and non-financial support as KOTESOL provides programs and services under its mission

to promote scholarship, disseminate information, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding among persons concerned with the teaching and learning of English in Korea.

KOTESOL aims to help maximize our OPs' marketing resources through KOTESOL, a Win-Win approach. Organizational partners become institutional members of KOTESOL, with benefits defined in the OPs Agreement. These include significant discounts for marketing displays and advertising in KOTESOL events and publications, eligibility to participate at Korea's largest annual English teacher's conference, recognition and linkages on the KOTESOL website (to come in Summer 2015) and more!

For details on marketing opportunities through KOTESOL, see

Premium Program Associates (PPAs) demonstrate a higher level of commitment to supporting English teaching in Korea, and in return they are guaranteed priority preferences and additional marketing options, including a free page in every dated publication.

Organizations not involved in the field of English Language Education are welcomed to participate in various KOTESOL functions as vendors.

Organizational Partners (January 2017) include:

Information on Conference Displays is available here.

The Organizational Partners Agreement is available here.

Contact our OPs Liaison for more information.
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