Nominations Open - KOTESOL Elections (2014)

New leadership opportunities for KOTESOL (Deadline Extended).

Nominations for election to KOTESOL leadership positions are open, but closing soon. Nominations will close at 11:59 pm on September 1st, 2014. The following positions will be up for election this year:

  • First Vice-President
  • Second Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Nominations and Elections Committee Chair
  • International Conference Committee Co-Chair


Call for Papers: 2014 KOTESOL International Conference

2014 KOTESOL International Conference
"Embracing Change: Blazing New Frontiers Through ELT"
October 3-5: COEX, Seoul, South Korea

This year's conference will feature four strands:

Given name first. Family name last. (Examples: John Smith or Sung-Ju Kang) **Up to two co-presenters may be added here. If so, please use a comma to space the names**
The place you work or school you attend. This will also appear on your conference badge. This is optional and you may leave it blank.
What telephone number may we contact you at? Ex 82-10-5555-7777
We realize not all sessions fit into the four choices we have outlined below so we will also consider "outside the box" sessions. Please type your idea into the "Other" field and choose 20 or 45 minutes (for scheduling purposes). **The 3-minute idea option is something new we are trying this year. Your topic must fit into one of the four strands and the presenter cannot include more than three presentation slides (if you choose to use visuals).**
If you selected "Other" for your session type, please succinctly explain what you envision.
Preference will be given to proposals that fit into one of the four strands below. If your proposal embraces creativity in ELT but does not fit into one of the four strands, please type the topic into the "Other" field.
If "Other" was selected for your proposal strand, please type a topic for your proposal.
The title should accurately reflect the content of the presentation, be clear to the intended audience, and contain no more than 8 words.
The abstract will not be used for vetting but will be printed in the Conference Program and will be used to help conference participants decide whether to attend your presentation. The abstract should: be 70 words or less, be written in the third-person future tense (e.g. "The presenter will show...and he/she..."), avoid all references to published works, be carefully edited and proofread, state the intended audience, spell out any acronyms or abbreviations used in the title, and tell participants what will happen in the presentation.
The summary is used to decide which proposals get accepted. Only the conference vetting team will see the summary. It will not be printed in the Conference Program. The summary should: not exceed 250 words (proposals with summaries longer than 250 words will not be accepted), have a clearly stated purpose, describe what will happen during the presentation and how participants will benefit, show an appropriate amount of material for the allotted time, and be carefully edited and proofread.
Please check boxes indicating times that you would NOT be able to present.

KOTESOL Representative Application


Fellow KOTESOLers,

Have you represented KOTESOL at an International Conference within the last 3 years?
The current conferences were are supporting are: JALT (Oct 25-28), ETA-ROC (Nov 8), FEELTA (Nov. X date)

National Conference 2013: Transportation

Archive copy.

Fellow Conference Participants,

Some of you may opt to travel to the conference on your own and at a time of your preference.  Should you arrive at one of the three preferred locations (Ga-gyoung Bus Terminal in Cheongju, O-song KTX Station, or Jochiwon Train Station), the National Conference Committee will afford you, free of charge, shuttle services to and from the conference venue at the specified times.

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