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Alexis Terrell

Originally a newspaper reporter from Texas, Alexis Terrell has been working in Korea since 2008.  Previously, she taught English at a high school for recent immigrants in Colorado.  She currently teaches writing and speaking classes in the English Department and Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation at Sun Moon University in Asan.  She holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in TESOL from the New School.

Brad Serl

Brad Serl came to South Korea in 2002.   Since that time he has worked with students as young as six and as old as seventy-five.  His undergraduate major is in Rhetoric and Composition from Thompson Rivers University.  His M.A. is in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham, and was completed in September 2010. He is currently president of the Busan-Gyeongnam chapter of KOTESOL and is a coordinator in the teacher training department at Pusan University of Foreign Studies, as well as working as a tutor for the Birmingham CELS MA program.  Brad enjoys mountain biking, cooking...

Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips- currently Senior Teacher , Dept. of Nursing, Woosong University, BS Psychology, MA TESOL MALL Candidate.

Daniel Korklan

Daniel Korklan (M.Ed TESOL) teaches English Conversation and English Writing courses at Daejeon University in the English Language & Literature Department.  He has spent his entire adult life teaching ESL in Korea where he has taught public school children from grades 1-12, adult teachers, university students, and lectured for orientation groups.  He hopes you have enjoyed reading about him in the first person as much as he has enjoyed writing about himself in the first person.

George Balarezo

I have been in Korea for four years and my experience involves teaching at private academies, public schools and university. I worked as a civil engineer in the United States before coming to Korea and would like to share my experiences using a "ban jang nim" or class leader with others at the upcoming conference.

Jared Sandler

Jared was raised in the United States and graduated from Bowdoin College (Maine, U,S.A.) in 1999. After pursuing a professional squash career in his twenties, Jared switched gears and began work as an EFL instructor in suburban Seoul in 2008. Relishing a more stable (and peaceful!) existence, he moved to rural Gyeongsangbuk-Do in 2011 to begin work as an English professor at Gimcheon University. He has worked with EFL language learners of all ages during his stay in South Korea.  Jared would like to remain in rural South Korea and the field of EFL for the foreseeable future. His research...

Jennifer Young

I have an MEd. TESOL from the University of Southern Queensland and have been teaching English to Young Learners in Korea for over a dozen years. I am currently teaching upper grades at an elementary school in Seoul. I have served on KOTESOL's Seoul Chapter executive in a variety of roles from 2003-present and served two terms as National Secretary.

Julien McNulty


Julien McNulty has been teaching, training, facilitating, or instructing in some form for 20 years. He has taught French, Spanish, History, and Special Education in British Columbia, Canada. He has also worked as a corporate trainer, then as a bilingual training consultant in Toronto, developing an accent optimisation program in India. Teaching English in Korea since 2008, Julien is a language skills instructor at Chosun University and was the Chair of the 19th Korea TESOL International Conference 2011.    Most recently, he is the co-founder of EFL ProDev, a consulting company...

Leonie Overbeek

Leonie Overbeek has indulged in many careers, ranging from mining engineer to research chemist to business advisor before finally settling into teaching English. She holds an M.Phil in Value and Policy Studies from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and has been in Korea since 2007, teaching at middle school level. She is interested in learning and teaching, and considers herself a lifelong learner.

Monique Simpson

Ms. Simpson is a Los Angeles native who studied nonfiction writing. She has taught ESL writing workshops in Costa Rica and Ecuador and now teaches reading and writing at a university in Seoul. Her research interests are Facebook, writing and critical thinking. She has presented at ESL conferences in Peru, Ecuador and Korea. Recently, she has begun publishing ESL research articles.

Nathan Rice

I have been in Korea since 2008.  Three years with GEPIK in a middle school and a technical high school, I am currently working at the Catholic University of Korea.  I am the current 1st VP of the Seoul Chapter.

Robert Dickey


KOTESOL Daejeon-Chungcheong 2012 Annual Autumn Conference

November 24, 2012

Korean Contexts and Korean Students:

Better Understanding makes Better Teaching and Better Learning

Featured Presentation 

Perceptions while working with Koreans' English

(It's not just Konglish!)

Rob Dickey

Keimyung University


We take students as we get them. They are not just blank slates (c.f., "tabula rasa"). The youngest children in Korea are aware of at least some so-called "English" words.  Even in small-town Korea, Koreans...

Scott Miles

Scott Miles is an Associate Professor at Daegu Haany University. Scott has an MA in TESOL and a PhD in Applied Linguistics. He is the Editor of the TESOL Review journal and has published a reading course book for Macmillan publishers (Essential Reading). He is the co-founder of the Praxis Ed online homework system. His research interests include extensive reading, memory and language learning, vocabulary and grammar acquisition.

Scott Wigenton

PhD Candidate Chungnam National University