Bio's - Executives

1. Chapter President Ian Adkins

Ian Adkins has been involved in KOTESOL for a few years, and has presented for both chapter workshops, and at the International Conference. Ian is a middle school teacher who enjoys all aspects of the educational process. In his free time, Ian does a variety of activities including hiking, sports, and music.

Ian believes that every teacher has something to contribute from a 20 year veteran to a rookie.


2. Chapter Vice President Jeff Buck

Jeff Buck has been teaching ESL since 1997, has a TESOL MA, and works at Dongseo University in Busan.

3. Chapter Treasurer Jeannette Kranick

Jeannette Kranick is currently teaching high school boys and girls at a National school in Busan. No condolences are necessary because She truly enjoys teaching teenagers. She has worked and lived in Spain, Germany, and random parts of America. She drinks too much coffee, talks loudly, and gestures while doing so. Jeannette would blame the years in Spain but honestly she has always been like that.

4. Chapter Membership officer Andrew MacIsaac

Andrew MacIsaac is an American who has spent the last 7 years working in the ESL industry in Asia. He is currently working on an MA in TESOL and works for a public elementary school in Gimhae. He has more hobbies than he ought to, and hasn't really become good at any of them. These days, Andrew enjoys disc golf, beer making, and surfing.