Bio's - Executives

1. Chapter President Rhea Metituk

Rhea Metituk has been teaching in Korea since 2002, and has lived in Seoul, Busan, and now Ulsan. She has an MA in Rhetorical Writing and Digital Media, and currently is posted at the University of Ulsan.  She enjoyed promoting chapter meetings and updating the media profile as Secretary of the Busan-Gyeongnam KOTESOL chapter in 2016/2017.

She has a full calendar including road biking, hiking, culinary arts, reiki, and trying to captivate her students' attention, but always has time to sit down for a chat or cup of coffee with you, and hopes you feel warmly welcomed to our group....

2. Chapter Vice President Andrew MacIsaac

Andrew MacIsaac is an American who has spent the last 7 years working in the EFL industry in Asia. He is currently working on an MA in TESOL and works for a public elementary school in Gimhae. He has more hobbies than he ought to, and hasn't really become good at any of them. These days, Andrew enjoys disc golf, beer making, and surfing.

3. Chapter Treasurer Chris Birdsong

Chris Birdsong has been in Korea since 2011 and has been the native English instructor at a middle school in the Gijang area of Busan since 2012. He is finishing his last few months on an M.Ed. in Bilingual Education and TESOL and he is also working towards his teacher’s certification. He used to have hobbies and habits but most have been lost in the endless haze of the next assignment.

4. Chapter Membership officer Danielle Silva

Danielle Silva has been teaching ESL since 2008. She has taught throughout the city of Busan as well as in Ecuador where she received her CELTA cerification in 2013. She is currently the native English teacher at Shinjeong High School and is working towards her M.Ed in TESOL.

Her hobbies/interests include outdoor activities, extreme sports, fitness and dance.

5. Chapter Secretary Hyeyun Seo

Hyeyun Seo currently works for an English academy in Yangsan. She did her MA in TESOL in London and has taught students from Elementary to High school for about 10 years. She also works on her PhD in English Education and her initial interest is learning motivation. She likes to teach children and is willing to share the same interest with other teachers.

6. Chapter Historian Minji Kim

Minji Kim has been working for Korea public middle schools since 2006, and has lived in Busan and London. She has an MA in TESOL and currently works for a public middle school in Busan. She was appointed as Historian of the Busan-Gyeongnam KOTESOL chapter in 2017. Her hobbies are traveling, biking, dancing and scuba diving. She welcomes the participation of Korean teachers of English who can share the ideas of lessons and worklife with teachers from all over the world.