Yongin KOTESOL Chapter's Newly Elected Chapter Officers for 2017

The Yongin KOTESOL Chapter recently held its election for new chapter officers through Survey Monkey and onsite voting in the December 10, 2016 double workshop feature at Kangnam University. Here are the results:

Martin Todd: President

Duksoon Han: First Vice-President

Dongsook Park: Second Vice-President

David D.I. Kim: Treasurer

Katie Lim: Secretary

Stewart Gray: Graduate Student Representative

Youngseo Choi: Undergraduate Student Representative

Robert Kim: Immediate Past President

On behalf of the chapter, the officers will work hard in helping English teachers of various backgrounds, experiences, and grade levels widen their professional development and increase their networking.

The Yongin KOTESOL Chapter is moving forward with bigger and brighter things ahead for the next year!