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100,000 KRW for 1.5 Hours - Research Participants Needed! (8.25, 8.26, and 8.28)

Chasy Robotics in Yang-jae; email:

  • Chasy Robotics is researching automobile driver facial expression recognition. As a participant we require you to hold five facial expressions in various lighting conditions and wearables. A session takes approximately 1.5 hrs. The compensation is KRW100,000.
  • We have a huge pool of far-east-Asian facial expressions collected, and currently looking for non far-east-Asian faces.
  • Purpose is to des
  • In this research session, a series of camera flashes will burst. If you are sensitive to light, please do not apply. We do not have a show up fee.
  • You must be 18 or over to participate.
  • The sessions will be held the 25th, 26th and the 28th of August. The time slots for these two days are every two hours starting from 11am until 7pm.

If you are interested, please send your photo, your contact information, and your preferred date and time slot to the email below.

 - The above was Posted August 19, 2017 via Martin Todd and James Rush

Posted July 12, 2017: 

Have you recently taught a course for academic credit? Your input is desired! If you qualify it could be worth a Starbucks reward:

Hello! My name is Tony DePagter and I was a member of the Seoul KOTESOL back in 2012.

I'm looking for those who teach or have taught English for academic credit at a South Korean university at any point between 2013 and 2017 and would consider helping a former KOTESOL member out by completing a research questionnaire on testing and assessment practices for my final MA dissertation at the University College of London Institute of Education.

Qualifying participants who complete the questionnaire (mostly true/false or multiple choice questions) will receive a $5 Starbucks voucher via email as compensation for your time.
To get started, please contact me through PM (Private Message)on Facebook and I will provide a link to the information sheet and questionnaire.

** EDIT: I'm also including the option of a $5 transfer from Paypal. For those living in the US, UK, and Australia, the Starbucks voucher is no problem, but I will need to have a Korean friend assist me with getting them for local use in Korea and that may take an extra day or two. **
Thanks, to Chapter President Martin Todd and James Rush for approval here in Yongin Gyeonggi Kotesol; BT and national KOTESOL President Lindsay Herron for approving my post.

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Private Lesson Teaching Positions/ Part time / 30K per hour / Yongin, Gyeonggi-do

Start Date: Immediately
Compensation: 30,000 KRW per hour
Working Hours : Once a week / Wed at 5pm. 1 hour per lesson
Lesson Place : Shinbong-dong, Yongin, Dongbaeg, Gyeonggi-do
Student age : 7 year old boy
Lesson content : Easy play style class(drawing, Legos etc.), Low level

Start Date: Immediately
Compensation: 30,000 KRW per hour (1 month about 240,000 KRW)
Working Hours : Two times a week / Mon and Fri at 6pm. 1 hour per lesson
Lesson Place : Yongin, Dongbaeg, Gyeonggi-do
Student age : 10 year old girl
Lesson content : This student studied at Hong Kong International School for a year and a half. She's speaking, listening well. She wants practice reading and writing.
* this position only accepting Female teacher.

Please send us your resume, recent photo, address in Korea, and nationality.

*We are only accepting native English speaking teachers.
Thank you

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