Yongin Directions: Kangnam University

Location: Kangnam University, Yongin

Building and Room: The meetings are held in Shallom Kwan (살롬관)  or Insa Kwan (인사관).  The room number will be posted under the "Events" page for each event, as well as signage in the building directing you to the room.

Campus Map: The following is a link to the Kangnam University campus map.  Directions to the university are available on the webpage by clicking the "Traffic Info" on the top-left.

Google Maps (type "Kangnam University"):

Kangnam University Address: Kangnam University, Gyeonggi-do, Yongin-si, Geeheung-Ku, Googal-Dong, San 6-2, South Korea, 449-702

강남대학교, 국제지역학부, 경기도용인시, 기흥구구갈동산6-2, 446-702