Yongin Bus Terminal to Kangnam University

From Yongin Bus Terminal, these are the following buses that reach the bus terminal:

Icheon (Bus 12)

Anseong (Bus11)

Gwangju (Gyeonggi-do) (Bus 9)

Also, if you are commuting from other cities or provinces to the Yongin Bus Terminal, check out the following website for departing cities, times, seating booking availabilities, and fees to go to a Yongin KOTESOL event:

Then you can take Bus 10 (as pictured) or you may take a cab from the taxi stand near the front entrance of the bus terminal to Kangnam University.

If you choose to take a cab, please notify the driver  in Korean one of the following:

Kangnam Daehakyo Ipku ro kaju sayyo (강남대학교 잎구로 가조세요)

Kangnam Daehakyo Jangmun uro kaju sayyo (강남대학교 장문으로 가조세요)

Kangnam Daehakyo Insakwonka uro kaju sayyo (강남대학교로 인사관으로 가조세요 )

Kangnam Daehakyo Shallomkwon uro   kaju sayyyo (강남대학교 살람관 으로 가조세요)