Workshop Venue: ESS (Hagwon) Nampo-dong

Our regular meeting place is:

ESS Foreign Language Institute (Hagwon)
Nampo-dong, Busan
4th floor

Take Busan Subway Line 1 to Nampo-dong (two stops south of Busan KTX station).

Exit Busan Subway Line 1 at Nampo-dong through Exit 7. (There are very few signs pointing to Exit 7).

This puts you on the corner of Nampo-dong's principle cross-street and the major Busan boulevard (to the train station, etc). You should be on the “Nampo-dong” side of the street, not the “Chagalchi” or harbor side. When you exit the subway stairway above-ground you will see Nonghyup Bank at the intersection (on your left). ESS Foreign Language Institute is in the shopping district, just around the corner (not on the main boulevard).   Just walk around the Nonghyup, walk about 30 meters down the street (past the welcoming statue), and that's ESS Foreign Language Institute!



In the Underground shopping area, approaching Nampodong Gate #7
Climbing out from the Underground at Nampodong Gate #7 (escalators)
Welcome to Nampodong, your almost at the Busan KOTESOL Meetings!
ESS is next to Nonghyup Bank, on the Fourth Floor