Using the Seoul Metro Subway System to Go to Kangnam University

  • If you are using any of the subway lines from Seoul, Yongin, Seongnam, or various satellite cities that surround Seoul, click on the following link on how you can attend a Yongin KOTESOL Chapter event at Kangnam University through the Yongin Everline Train station at Kangnam University Station, which is close to the front gate of the university:
  • As soon as you get off at Kangnam University Station via the Yongin Everline Train at Exit 1 or Exit 2, the front entrance is directly across from the station. After you go through the arch at the entrance, you can go to either the Shallomkwon (살람관)Building  or the Insakwon (인사관) Building (see the Kangnam University campus maps below) for any scheduled Yongin KOTESOL Chapter event.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Robert Kim through either his cell phone number at 010-8354-2627 or his e-mail address at