Tom Farrell Returns to Seoul Nov 30

KOTESOL and the Reflective Practice SIG invite you to:

Reflecting On the Teacher Behind Practice

with Thomas S.C. Farrell
Sunday, November 30th at 6pm
at Sookmyung Women’s University Injaegwon, Seoul

The Reflective Practice SIG invites all KOTESOL members to a special two-hour workshop with Professor Thomas Farrell on November 30th at 6pm at Sookmyung Women's University's Injaegwon (Sookmyung TESOL Center). The topic of the workshop will be "Reflecting on the teacher behind the practice" and Professor Farrell promises it will be an exciting opportunity to explore our hidden beliefs and practices. This workshop is free of charge.

When we observe teachers as students, peers or administrators, we can only see what they do, or do not do in terms of the methods and means they use. What we cannot ‘see’ is the teacher behind the methods and means and what influences the teacher to use those methods and means. Good teaching requires more than application of methods; it requires self-knowledge; whatever self-knowledge we attain as teachers will serve our students and our scholarship well. This interactive talk encourages participants to reflect on the ‘hidden’ in teaching: the teacher behind the methods and means and encourages them to consciously reflect on their underlying and tacitly held beliefs and corresponding practices about teaching and learning English as a second and foreign language.

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