Social Justice

Since its unofficial launch in September of 2015 and later as a KOTESOL Special Interest Group (SIG), the Social Justice (Critical Educators in Korea) SIG has endeavored to connect active educators interested in social justice and critical approaches to education in South Korea.

Through its Facebook page (of the same name) and member-driven initiatives, it aims to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of a wide range of social justice issues, connected to language and education.

In the spirit of heart and hope, members of this SIG will attempt to promote positive and pacific transformative social outcomes through teaching and learning.

If you are interested in social justice issues and education, are willing to adopt a critical stance, believe you can make a difference, would like to engage in constructive dialogue with others, and, possibly, have collaborative project ideas, please send a brief message to the group facilitators (Jocelyn Wright and Maria Lisak) with a short statement, relating your interest and motivation for joining our group on Facebook, or email them for more information at


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