OPs Agreement

The complete Organizational Partners Agreement is attached to this page (see far below).

A summary of the Agreement is as follows:

  1. The OPs Agreement is specific to entities involved in the field of English Language Teaching, most commonly as book publishers/distributors or schools. Organizations outside of this field are not eligible to become KOTESOL Organizational Partners (a form of of Institutional Membership in Korea TESOL) but may be eligible to participate in KOTESOL events as a vendor. (Contact our OPs Liaison for more information on Vendor opportunities.)
  2. Organizations eligible to join KOTESOL under the OPs Agreement may not participate in the annual International Conference without becoming an Organizational Partner under the terms of the OPs Agreement.
  3. The Term of Agreement is September 1 2016 through August 31 2017. (The 2015-2016 Agreement is also linked below.)
  4. Classes of Organizational Partner are:
    • Premium Program Associate (PPA)
    • General Partnership Associate (GPA) [formerly Associate Member (AM)]   REVISED for 2016-2017
    • Teacher Education Association (TEA)   REVISED for 2016-2017
  5. Activity included in the OPs Agreement includes
    • Annual International Conference
    • Annual National Conference
    • Regional/Chapter Conferences and Symposia
    • Chapter, SIG, and other events
    • Advertising in Print Media
    • Advertising in Electronic Media, including the Website
  6. There are limits in each class of partnership, purchases beyond these limits requires an upgrade to a higher level of partnership.
  7. Additional benefits may be added by KOTESOL during the course of the agreement.
  8. Partnership goes in to effect only after both the Agreement form (page 8 in the attached document) and payment have been received by KOTESOL.
  9. A "Dedicated Room" is available for OPs who wish to control a single presentations room throughout the terms of the conference (Saturday-Sunday) OR for Single Days of the conferenceNEW for 2016-2017
  10. KOTESOL does not share or distribute the membership list.


Rob Dickey
email: opliaison@koreatesol.org
(cellphone contact available upon request.)



Attached PDFs: 
PDF icon KOTESOL OPs Agreement 2016 - 2017104.46 KB