Notice to Members of Proposed Constitution/Bylaws Amendments

Proposed Amendments to the KOTESOL Constitution & Bylaws.

Notice Effective Sept 15, 2016

This page was finalized as of Sept 15. (This page may be updated prior to that date.)

A vote on proposed amendments to the KOTESOL Bylaws is to be taken at the KOTESOL Annual Business Meeting Sunday, October 16th, 2016, at the Korea TESOL International Conference, Sookmyung University, Seoul. (Specific time and room for meeting to be determined, tentatively set as 4-6pm in B107 Gemma Hall.)

The current KOTESOL Constitution and Bylaws are available from

All current KOTESOL members as of October 16, 2016, will be eligible to vote. Only those physically in attendance at the meeting will be allowed to vote (no absentee or proxy ballots).

The following proposals for amendment to the KOTESOL Bylaws have been properly presented to the National (Interim) Secretary, and endorsed by at least five (5) members in good standing (Bylaws Article X).


Proposal #1. (Chapter Reports)

Addition to Bylaws Article VI. Chapters.

Section 6.  A Chapter shall upon request by the President or Council prepare and submit in a timely manner chapter reports to the Council, detailing professional development, financial, or other activities of the Chapter.


  • Michael Free
  • Kathleen Kelley
  • Stafford Lumsden
  • Michael Peacock
  • David E. Shaffer


Proposal #2. (Electronic votes at Council)

Addition to Bylaws Article IV. The Council.

Section 7. Urgent Matters. Electronic Motions may be entertained, discussed, and voted upon by the National Council. Electronic motions require (a) an email submitted to the President and Secretary stating the definitive motion and the need for urgency; (b) the name, email address, and telephone number of the maker of the motion and a second; and (c) acceptance by two of three among the President, First Vice-President, and Second Vice-President of the urgency of the motion. At least one week prior to the announced voting date, the motion under discussion must be posted online for review by KOTESOL members. The posting must include the voting date and discussion/vote media. Motions proposed electronically must receive approval from a majority of National Council members eligible to vote in order to pass. All votes shall be entered into the minutes of the subsequent National Council meeting as the first item(s) under “Old Business.”


  • Michael Free
  • Stafford Lumsden
  • Chris Miller
  • Phillip Schrank
  • David Shaffer


Proposal #3. (Financial Reports)

Revision to Bylaws Article IX. Audits.

The current Article IX of the Bylaws is revised to read as follows:

Article IX. Reports and Audits.

Section 1. Quarterly financial reports (in full) of National finances be produced and be uploaded to the KOTESOL website and be made accessible to members. And members shall be notified of the availability of financial reports.

Section 2. An audit of the financial transactions of KOTESOL shall be performed at least (but not limited to) once a year as directed by the Council.


  • David D. I. Kim
  • Robert Kim
  • Angela (Wlelenor) Wu
  • Martin Todd
  • Jeroen Root