Member DI$COUNT Deals

The Gwangju–Jeonnam Chapter, and KOTESOL as a whole, is promoting a member discount program whereby local and nationwide establishments provide discounts on select products and services to our membership.

Our Discount Partner


The First Alleyway
Located in downtown Gwangju, this Western cuisine restaurant caters to the international community in the area with a North American-style menu. Owned and operated by a lifetime KOTESOL member, The First Alleyway provides a discount of 10% on foods to KOTESOL members. Phone: 070-4127-8066

— Proof of current KOTESOL membership is required. This can be provided by showing a current KOTESOL membership card or by showing proof of membership by accessing one's KOTESOL profile and downloading one's membership status with expiry date.
— Discount offers are for individual KOTESOL members, not for a party of two or more that the KOTESOL member may be a part of.