Jeonju Venue Directions


Our monthly workshops are held at Jeonju University in Star Center Room 201.


  • Taxi directions: Ask the driver to take you to the Jeonju University student building.

"전주대 학생회관 가주세요."

 Across the parking lot is the Star Center. Enter through the entrance that says Convention Center, and take the elevator to the 2nd floor. We will be meeting in room 201.

  • Bus/walking directions: The campus has two entrances - the old gate (전주대 구정문) and the new gate (전주대 신정문).

    The bus stop near the old gate is where buses 3-1 and 3-2 arrive. All other buses to Jeonju University first go past the new gate, and then stop at the old gate, so you can get off at either stop.

    1. If you arrive at the old gate, walk up the street with restaurants and shops, go under the Star Tower (dormitory), and keep walking until you reach the roundabout near the clock tower (Student Building). The Star Center is the (newest) building on your left. Enter the building through the Convention Center entrance and take the elevator to the second floor.
    2. If you arrive at the new gate bus stop, cross the street, and walk under the new main gate of the university. Go straight up the hill. Take the second right (between Freedom Hall/자유관 and the Engineering Building/공학관). The Star Center will be on your left.
    3. Enter the main parking lot entrance, and stay to the right. The parking lot is painted in three colours for the different wings of the building. You should head to the pale green (B) section, and enter through the door marked Convention Center. There is an elevator on your right, next to the bookstore. Go to the second floor, where you can find us in room 201.


  • Driving directions: You can enter 전주대/Jeonju University into your GPS. If you usually use phone numbers to navigate, I believe 063-220-2603 should get you to campus, as all 220 phone numbers are on campus. Then you can follow the directions for 2a (and park in front of the student building), or 2b (and park in the Star Center parking lot). Please use the entrances described above, as the Star Center has a shared basement parking lot, but then 3 separate wings above ground.


*** These directions, along with step by step photos for those arriving through the new gate (전주대 신정문) are available by clicking on the PDF attachment below.

Attached PDFs: 
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