Important Locations in Kangnam University: Front Gate (잎구or 장문), Shallomkwan (살롬관) and Insakwon (인사 관) Buildings

Above: Kangnam University Front Gate ( 잎구 or 장문)

From the front entrance, you can go to either the Shallomkwan Building or the Insakwon Building for a Gyonggi-Yongin Chapter workshop. The Shallomkwan Building is the tower building after the university's front gate.

Below: Shallomkwan (살롬관) Building

The Shallomkwon (살롬곤) Building, which  is one of the two buildings where Yongin Chapter Workshops are held, happens to be next to the Insakwon (인사관) Building.

Below: Insakwon (인사 관) Building

Insakwon (인사 관) Building in Room 219 (or in another room), which is another site for Yongin-Gyonggi Chapter Workshops, happens to be next to the Shallamkwon Building.