Day of Reflection 2017 - Schedule

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10:00 ㅡ 10:50 (To Be Confirmed)

11:00 ㅡ 11:50 Michael Griffin (ChungAng University)
What If We Are Wrong?

12:00 ㅡ 12:50 Maria Lisak (Chosun University)
Electronic Teaching Journal: Streamline Collecting Data for Reflecting Practices

12:50 ㅡ 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 ㅡ 15:50 Dr. Thomas S.C. Farrell (Brock University Canada)
Research on Reflective Practice in TESOL: A Reflection

16:00 ㅡ 16:50 Jocelyn Wright (Mokpo National University)
Investment in ELL/ELT

17:00 ㅡ 17:50 Jien Ra
Reflective Practice from an Athenian Stoa

18:00 ㅡ 20:00 Informal Post-Workshops Dinner

This schedule is still subject to slight changes.

Abstracts and Bio-sketches

Reflective Practice in TESOL: A Reflection

Thomas S.C. Farrell (Brock University)

What is reflective practice within teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)? What research has been carried out on reflective practice in TESOL? What does the research conclude about the practices that encourage TESOL teachers to reflect? Does engaging in reflective practice improve TESOL teaching? In this presentation, I outline and discuss the results of a survey of research articles from 58 academic journals over a seven-year period on the practices that encourage TESOL teachers to reflect. I operationalize reflective practice according to five levels/stages of teacher reflection: philosophy (teacher-as-person), principles (assumptions, beliefs, and conceptions of teaching and learning), theory (theories-in-use), practice (actual teaching), and beyond practice (sociocultural and political consequences). After explaining the framework, I apply it to the research articles that focus on practices that encourage teacher reflection. The results of this survey/review are overwhelmingly positive; clearly, teachers, whether reflecting on their identities, beliefs, theories, or their own teaching do recognize the developmental value and transformative potential in the activities of reflection.

Biographical Sketch
Thomas S.C. Farrell is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Brock University, Canada. Professor Farrell’s professional interests include Reflective Practice, and Language Teacher Education & Development. Professor Farrell has published widely in academic journals and has presented at major conferences worldwide on these topics. A selection of his work can be found on his webpage:
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The KOTESOL Reflective Practice SIG wishes to thank Sookmyung Women's University and its Sookmyung TESOL program for venue support for this event.