Daegu-Gyeongbuk Late Summer Workshop Review

The August Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL meeting kicked off once again after taking a break in July for summer vacation. The meeting began with a quick presentation from Scott (Son Saerom 손새롬) from Express Publishing and he gave an outline about a range of new books based on vocational teaching for English for Specific Purposes. For more information about these books, check out the following website: or contact Scott directly at: 010-5301-2570 /

The first presenter was Nathan Galster who spoke on 'Media-based Langauge Learning'. Nathan spoke at our KOTESOL meeting last year about incorporating music media in the classroom. Today, he expanded on that topic with some great ideas for how to incorportate various multimedia activities that students could do in one class to more indepth projects which could be done over a number of weeks. For example, writing an autobiography based on various song lyrics and creating a video clip to share their autobiographical story through songs.  For more information about Nathan's ideas for incorporating media in the classroom, check out his webpage:, or you can contact Nathan via email: 

The next presenter was Brendon Pearson who spoke about Mobile Learning in EFL. Brendon talked about the popularity and increase in using mobile language learning devices, such as smartphones and tablets in the classroom. Brendon had the opportunity to work in an organization that made the decision to convert all of their language learning to an 'in-house' online system. Brendon decided to use this opportunity to do a research study on mobile technology from the student's perspective. Throughout this presentation, we were given a chance to challenge our assumptions about the benefits and deficits of using technology in the classroom, from both the teacher's and student's perspective. For more information on Brendon's research, you can contact him via email:

The next meeting is scheduled for September 10th with presenters Mike Kealey and Crystal Hecht. You can read more about the next meeting in our newsletter.