Chapter Meeting Venue: Getting to GNUE

*** Here's a map to key venues used by the chapter. ***

The Gwangju National University of Education (GNUE) Teacher Training Center (교사교육센터) is the location of the Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter meetings as of September 2015. Meetings are in Room 811, on the 1st floor of the building. The Teacher Training Center is behind the Lifelong Learning Center (평생교육관), which opens unto Pilmun-daero (the main street in front of the campus), and is beside the new Punghyang Cultural Building (풍향문화관).

Taxi Driver Instructions (Chapter Meetings):
"광주교육대학교 교사교육센터 앞으로 가주세요."

Bus 15, 80, 187 to Punghyang Samgeori (풍향삼거리); the stop is just east of the Teacher Training Center. From the bus stop, if you look to the west (away from the mountain), you'll see the GNUE campus and the Lifelong Learning Center (평생교육관).

Bus 01, 15, 80, 187 to Gwangju National University of Education (교육대); the stop is just west of the main gate. If you walk to the east, toward the mountain, you'll see the GNUE Lifelong Learning Center (광주교육대학교  평생교육관; photo below). The meeting venue is just behind that building, in the 교사교육센터 (a.k.a. 연수원).

Reflective Practice SIG Meetings
The Reflective Practice SIG meeting place is very near to the GNUE campus at a new location: Coffee Lab Mujii (formerly Aldersgate / 올더스게이트, our meeting place of one year ago). We will no longer meet at Kenya Espresso Cafe. Here is a MAP to Coffee Lab Mujii.

Taxi Driver Instructions (RP-SIG Meetings & Korean Help Cafe):
"광주교육대학교 정문옆에 켄야 까패로 가주세요. 정문에서 서방사거리 쪽으로요."

GNUE Campus Map

GNUE Teacher Training Center- Aerial View
Coffee Lab Mujii - Reflective Practice Session Venue