Chapter Conference Report (September 28th)

Suwon-Gyeonggi Kotesol Chapter,


September 28th, we had a wonderful time with two guest speakers: Dr. Lee and Ms. Shin. Dr. Lee. A professor of Kyunghee University showed effective ways for the EFL classroom. We explored diverse methods and strategies by using various web sites and tools to let learners get involved in better learning. Using technology in education is important and useful with information and knowledge to expand learning with a lot of experiences. We learned that if we use technology effectively, it would be a great tool for the future language learning.


And Ms. Shin, a middle school teacher represented and shared activities that encourage the learners. Especially they are good for improving four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Those activities were based on collaborative learning. The speaker helped us know about modifying some activities and contents. We practiced those activities focused on four learning skills.


Here is an important announcement for the coming meeting. GETTA, a group of improving English learning for the students will join our next meeting Nov. 16th. We will hold a conference at Kyunghee University from 10:00 to 16:00. This will be a great opportunity to experience various teaching English methods for elementary and secondary English teachers. Many English teachers in Kyunggido will participate in this conference and will be a meaningful time to expand knowledge and wisdom. We hope to see many teachers and enjoy this great opportunity for a better future.