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2018 Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter Meeting
Schedule of Presentations & Events

Updated: January 20, 2018.
Gwangju-Jeonnam Reflective Practice Group: Schedule of Events
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Calendar of Events (All Chapters)

March 10, 2017. Chapter Conference

February 10, 2018. Chapter Meeting
ㅡ No-Prep Activities: How to Do Less While Your Students Produce More!
Maria Lisak (Chosun University, Gwangju)
ㅡ From Reading to Thinking: Teaching Reading Comprehension
Jessica Magnusson (Gwangju Natl. University of Education)

January 13, 2018. Chapter Meeting
ㅡ Troubleshooting Pedagogic Miscommunication: Do your students really understand the purposes of English practice tasks? (Presentation & Workshop)
ㅡ Bryan Hale (Yeongam High School)


December 9, 2017. Chapter Meeting and End-of-Year Dinner
Roleplaying for the Classroom
ㅡ Ingrid Zwaal (Jeonju University)
What Color Is Your Personality? ㅡ And Other Ideas That Work
ㅡ Allison Bill (Jeonju University)

November 11, 2017. Chapter Meeting
Reflecting on Investment and English Language Teachers
ㅡ Jocelyn Wright (Mokpo National University)
The Power of Routine
ㅡ Zon Petilla (Oejong English Center)

October 18, 2017. Super-SwapShop and Haloween Party
ㅡ General ELT SwapShop Topics
ㅡ Favorite Take-Aways from the International Conference
ㅡ Hallowe'en-related SwapShop Topics

September 9, 2017. Chapter Meeting
Spotlight on Vocabulary
ㅡ Jessica Ives (Dongshin University)
Roundtable Discussion (Collaborative Workshop)
ㅡ Facilitated by David Shaffer (Chapter Vice-President)

August 12, 2017. Chapter Meeting
Creativity in the Classroom
 ㅡ Leonie Overbeek (Gyeonggi-do Elementary School)

July 8, 2017. Chapter Meeting
Tyson's Top 8 Teaching Tips from the CELTA
ㅡ Tyson Vieira (Kyungnam University, Changwon)
Filling in the Gaps: Starters, Reviews and Closing Activities
ㅡ Andrew Griffiths (Daejeon Education Training Institute)

June 10, 2017. Chapter Meeting
Teaching Figurative Language: A Workshop
ㅡ Cara Scott (Chonnam National University)
Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking: A Collaborative Workshop
ㅡ David Shaffer (Gwangju)

May 20, 2017. Chapter Meeting
Effective Questioning Strategies
ㅡ Vanessa Reid (Jeollanamdo Educational Training Institute - JETI)
Neuromyths: What They Are and What We Can Do About Them
ㅡ Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa (Interactive Video Workshop. Facilitated by David Shaffer)

April 15, 2017. Chapter Meeting
Digital Citizenship: Character Education in Action
ㅡ James G. Rush, II (Luther University, Yongin)
Cool Tools for Cultivating Creativity
ㅡ Lindsay Herron (Gwangju National University of Education)

March 11, 2017. Chapter Annual Conference
Stepping Up in an Increasingly Connected World
Plenary Session: Technological Advances Require Great Teachers
ㅡ Dr. Eric Reynolds (TESOL MALL Program, Woosong University, Daejeon)

February 11, 2017. Chapter Meeting
Creative Anglicized Korean Neologisms
ㅡ Jocelyn Wright (Mokpo National University)
Loanwords: Veering from the Source and Teaching Them (in) a Lesson!
ㅡ Dr. David Shaffer, Gwangju
Amore and Valentine's Day: Making Activities That Students Will Love
ㅡ Dr. David Shaffer, Gwangju

January 14, 2017. Chapter Meeting
Critical Thinking in EFL Classes for All Ages and Levels: Principles, Approaches, and Activities
ㅡ Stewart Gray (Baekseok Culture University, Cheonan, Chungnam)
Magical Moments and Critical Incidents
ㅡ Dr. David Shaffer, Gwangju


December 10, 2016. Chapter Meeting & End-of-Year Dinner
How Korean Learners Engage in Informal Digital Learning of English
ㅡ Ju Seong "John" Lee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
The Past Year, the Coming Year, Professional Development, and You
ㅡ Dr. David Shaffer (Gwangju)

November 12, 2016. Chapter Meeting
TPR* in the EFL Classroom   ( * TPR = Total Physical Response)
ㅡ Melody Peters
Using THEIR Imagination
ㅡ Miriam Lee

October 22, 2016. Super SwapShop & Halloween Party
ㅡ General ELT SwapShop Topics
ㅡ Favorite Take-Aways from the International Conference
ㅡ Hallowe'en-related SwapShop Topics

September 10, 2016. Chapter Sessions at ALAK-GETA Conference
Ten Tech Tools to Ease Teachers' Lives (Workshop)
ㅡ Lindsay Herron (Featured Session)
Doing Reflective Practice: Awareness-Raising for Empowerment
ㅡ Jocelyn Wright (Concurrent Session)
Understanding Our Learners: Being Reflective and Intentional About How We Know Students
ㅡ Bryon Hale (Concurrent Session)

August 13, 2016. Chapter Meeting

Understand the Player: Gamification and  Activity Design
— Zon Petilla (Ojeong English Center, Gwangju)
Real Solutions to Real Problems in the ELT Profession (Collaborative Problem-Solving Workshop)
— David Shaffer facilitating
Swap-Shop Presentations

July 9, 2016. Chapter Meeting

English Teachers’ Emotional Labor, Discrete Emotions, and Classroom Management Efficacy
— Mikyoung "Miky" Lee
Topics in Education: Ramifications for the EFL Classroom (Collaborative Workshop)
— Matthew Ehlers
Swap-Shop Presentations

June 11, 2016. Chapter Meeting

Dictionary Dependence: Addressing Reading Fluency in L2 Learners
— Cara Scott
English Camps: Please the Parents, Engage the Children
— Jennifer Brown
Swap-Shop Presentations

May 21, 2016. Chapter Meeting

Dealing with Social Issues in the EFL Classroom: Discussing Case Studies
— Justin Ancheta
Fluency Activities for the EFL Classroom
— Jessica Ives
Swap-Shop Presentations

April 30, 2016. Mokpo-Muan Outreach Workshops

- Collaborative Graph-Making Tasks for Language Learning; by Jocelyn Wright
- Story Writing as a Path to Academic Writing; by Bryan Hale
- Beyond the Four Walls: Using Images in EFL Classroom; by Jessica Magnusson
- Polishing the Plan: Anticipating Problems to Help Students Shine; by Lindsay Herron
- Developing Fluency in the Classroom; by Jessica Ives
- Grabbing Your Class's Attention; by Seongsuk Yun

April 9, 2016. Chapter Meeting

Hand Messages: A Multimedia Project for Global Language Learners
— Kristy Dolson (Hwasun Foreign Language Center)
Asking Effective Questions
— Brian Burgoyne (Chosun University)
Swap-Shop Presentations

March 12, 2016. Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL  Regional Conference

SERVICE: A Tradition in Teaching
Plenary Session: Service – A Hallmark of Professionalism
— Robert J. Dickey, JD (Keimyung University)

February 13, 2016. Chapter Meeting

Effort- and Improvement-Based Grading for General Skills Language Classes
— Daniel Corks (Dongshin University, Naju)
Creating an Edge as a ELT Professional in Korea
— Nancy Harcar (Kwangju Women's University)
Swap-Shop Presentations

January 9, 2016. Chapter Meeting

Commonly Overlooked Issues with Classroom Management
— Brian Burgoyne (Chosun University)
The Syl-la-ble: A Teaching Tool for Pronunciation and Memory
— Jessica Magnusson (Gwangju National University of Education)
Swap-Shop Presentations


December 12, 2015. Chapter Meeting & End-of-Year Dinner

Short Stories and L2 Learners
-- Tyson Vieira (Kyungnam University, Changwon)
The False Hope in the Transitive Property of Equality in EFL
-- Kevin Dieter (Gwangju Health University)
Swap-Shop Presentations

November 21, 2015. Chapter Meeting

Lesson Planning 201: Beyond the Basics (2-hour Workshop)
-- Lindsay Herron (Gwangju National University of Education)
Swap-Shop Presentations

October 17, 2015. Chapter Meeting

Story Writing as a Path to Academic Writing
-- Bryan Hale (Sunkyung Academy, Gwangju)
Discussion Session: KOTESOL International Conference Share
-- Insights, impressions, information, and inquiries related to IC 2015
Swap-Shop Presentations: Halloween-Themed

September 12, 2015. Chapter Meeting

Grabbing the Class's Attention
-- Seongsuk Yun (Gwangju Ojeong English Center)
On using song creatively in the classroom.
-- Trevor Homeniuk (Gwangju, Sahmyook Elementary School)
My Favorite Game (Round-Robin Format)
-- Facilitated by Lindsay Herron

August 8, 2015. Chapter Meeting

What Every EFL Teacher Should Let Their Students Know About Learning English
-- Dr. David Shaffer (Chosun University, Gwangju)
Sneaking Learning into Pop Songs
-- Trevor Homeniuk (Sahmyook Elementary School, Gwangju)
Super Summer SwapShop Session (at least one contribution from each member)

July 18, 2015. Chapter Meeting

Hear-Say Activities for the Classroom
-- Phil Owen (Kunsan National University, Gunsan, Jeonbuk)
Concurrent Colloquia - On ELT Topics of current concern
-- David Shaffer Facillitating

June 20, 2015. Chapter Meeting

Using Alternate Reality Games in the Classroom
-- Paul Starr
Panel Discussion: Online Professional Development Options
-- Lindsay Herron Facilitating

June 6, 2015. Mokpo-Muan Outreach Workshop

-- Heidi Vande Voort Nam: Strategies for Teaching English Through English (Parts 1 & 2)
-- Jocelyn Wright: Creativity and Consciousness in the Classroom
-- Lindsay Herron: Easy-to-Adapt Conversation Games: Some Basic Types to Take and Tweak
-- Chad LaRoche: Music, Chants, and Video-making for the Classroom
-- Bryan Hale: Mind the Gap: Information Gaps and English Learners in Korea

May 2, 2015. Chapter Meeting

Tech Tools for Digital Storytelling
-- Lindsay Herron
Mind the Gap: Information Gaps and English Learners in Korea
-- Bryan Hale

April 11, 2015. Chapter Meeting

Music, Chants, and Video-making for the Classroom
-- Chad LaRoche
Reflecting on Classroom Elements: Learner Level
-- Tyson Vieira

March 14, 2015. Gwangju-Jeonnam Regional Conference

Plenary Session: To Live Like an ELT Professional in Korea
-- Dr. Joo-Kyung Park (Honam University; Past President KOTESOL)
Pre-conference Morning Session on Reflective Practice
-- Jocelyn Wright (Mokpo Natl University; Chapter Reflective Practice Co-facilitator)

February 14, 2015. Chapter Meeting

Creativity and Theatre in Language Education
-- Caleb Sekeres (Chosun University, Gwangju)
Roundtable Discussion: Your topics on ELT
Swap-Shop: Share your lessons, activities, ideas, games, etc.

January 10, 2015. Chapter Meeting

How Suspending Judgment Can Help Us Reflect on Teaching (even though it can be hard to do!)
-- Bryan Hale (Sunkyung Academy, Gwangju)
Developing Critical Global Citizens: A Lesson for the Teacher?
-- Jocelyn Wright (Mokpo National University)


2014 GJ Chapter Meetings & Events Schedule

January 11, 2014. Chapter Meeting

||||| Jessica Magnusson: Critical Thinking Skills (75 min)
||||| Extended Swap-Shop (3:50-4:35)[45 min.]

February 15, 2014. Chapter Meeting

||||| 1: Henry Gerlits: Stand Up and Read: Adding Movement and Excitement to Reading Activities
||||| 2: Jacob Boer: Games and Activities for Young Learners

March 15, 2014.
Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Conference

10:30-11:50: Pre-Conference Workshops (Concurrent Sessions // Admission Free to All)
||||| Research Committee Workshop - Getting Started in Research
Joanne McCuaig, Research Comm. Chair
||||| Reflective Practice SIG Workshop: On Assessment
Brian Raisbeck, Seoul Chapter RP-SIG Facilitator             

12:00 Registration Begins (Members 5,000 won; Non-members 10,000)
-------  Pre-Register for the Conference at:
12:45 Opening Ceremony (Room 2104)

1:00-1:30 Plenary Session: Peadar Callaghan, Korea TESOL National President
Different Learners, Different Learner Needs: Establishing a Differentiated Classroom

1:45-2:30 Concurrent Sessions
||||| Anaheim University Webcast Presentation:
Dr. Ken Beatty (Anaheim University) Critical Thinking in English for Academic Purposes (Room 2104)
||||| Lindsay Herron (Gwangju Univ. of Ed.): Yielding the Floor: Tips and Techniques for Student-Centered Teaching.
||||| David Shaffer (Chosun University): Fostering Self-Direction Through Focus on Language Learning Methods

2:45-3:30 Concurrent Sessions
||||| KOTESOL Teacher Training Session: Why Can't My Students Communicate?
Brad Serl (KTT Coordinator)
||||| Reflective Practive SIG Session: Who Needs Reflective Practive?
Anne Hendler (KOTESOL RP-SIG Facilitator)
||||| Julien McNulty (Chosun University): Speaking Out: Using Technology Resources for Speaking Skills Development.
||||| Peadar Callaghan (KOTESOL President): Using Gamification in Your Classroom.

3:45-4:30 Concurrent Sessions
||||| KOTESOL Teacher Training Session: Classroom Management: It Isn't Rocket Science.
Leonie Overbeek (KTT Presenter)
||||| Christian Teachers SIG Session: Justice, Mercy, and Plagiarism: A Christian Approach.
Heidi Vande Voort Nam (CT-SIG Co-facilitator)
||||| John McDonald (GIST): Overcoming Common Academic Writing Mistakes in a Korean Classroom
||||| Jacob Boer (Samgak Elem. School): Charging the Young Learner Class with Fun and Games

4:45-5:30 Concurrent Sessions
||||| Ross Chambers (Gwangju Univ. of Ed.): The Principles of Effective Speaking Activities.
||||| Billie Kang (Taebong Elem. School): It's All in the Balance: Creating the Ideal Lesson.
||||| Pecha Kucha Session (Room 2104)
ㅡ David Shaffer: KOTESOL: Two Decades of Serving
ㅡ Lindsay Herron: Rookie Mistakes: What I Learned from My First Year of Teaching.
ㅡ Nate Kent: I am so smrt: Be a s-m-r-t teacher too
ㅡ Julien McNulty: An Instutional Guide to Committing AND Avoiding Epic Technology Fails
5:30 Closing Events (Room 2104)

April 12, 2014. Chapter Meeting

||||| Seneca Ryan (Chonnam Natl. University): Utilizing Principles of The Montessori Method in the ESL Classroom
||||| Lindsay Herron (Gwangju National University of Education): Yielding the Floor: Tips and Techniques forStudent-Centered Teaching

May 3, 2014. Mokpo Area Outreach Workshops

||||| Dr. David Shaffer (Chosun University):
Second Language Learning and Teaching: Clarifying the Misconceptions.
||||| Billie Kang (Taebong Elem. School): It's All in the Balance: Creating the Ideal Lesson.
||||| Jocelyn Wright (Mokpo Natl. University): Looking at Teacher Talk Through The Johari Window.
||||| Henry Gerlits (Jeollanamdo Ed. Training Institute):
Stand Up and Read: Adding Movement and Excitement to Reading Activities.
||||| Lindsay Herron (Gwangju Univ. of Ed.):
Yielding the Floor: Tips and Techniques for Student-Centered Teaching.

May 10, 2014. Chapter Meeting

||||| Matthew McLaughlin-Stonham (Chosun University): Implementing Successful Communicative Activities in Large University Classes
||||| Ynell Lumantao (Chonnam National University) Language Learning Strategy Awareness

June 14, 2014. Chapter Meeting

||||| Paige Wheeler (EiE English Institute, Gwangyang; Korea Univ. Affiliate):
Five-Minute Lesson Planning
||||| David Shaffer (Chosun University): What Every EFL Teacher Should Know . . .
[Collaborative Workshop]

July 12, 2014. Chapter Meeting

||||| Jin Lee (Kumho Elementary School):
Out of the Class and into the Classroom: Turning Theory into Practice
||||| Lindsay Herron (Gwangju Natl. Univ. of Ed.):
Awesome Online Tools for Project-Based Learning

August 9, 2014. Chapter Meeting

||||| Jocelyn Wright (Mokpo Natl. University):
Looking at Teacher Talk Through The Johari Window
||||| David Shaffer (Chosun University)
Eyes on Lesson Plans & Hands-on Lesson Planning [Collaborative Workshop]

September 13, 2014. Chapter Meeting

||||| Jacob Boer (EPIK, Samgak Elementary School)
All-New Language Learning Games for the EFL Classroom
||||| Tyson Vieira (Jeollanam-do Language Program)
Teaching Portfolios for Professional Development

Chapter Dinner "Camping" Experience

September 13, 2014, 5:30 - 9:00 p.m. (Following Chapter meeting)
BIG Self-Bar restaurant, downtown Gwangju

September 28, 2014 (10:00-17:00; Sun.). GIC Day
Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter KOTESOL Booth at Gwangju International Center Day
Event Venue: Geumnam Street Fountain Plaza, in front of former Provincial Hall

October 11, 2014. Reflective Practice Workshop
Session Topic: Peer Observation
Session Facilitators: Jocelyn Wright & Tyson Vieira

October 18, 2014. Chapter Meeting: Special Edition
||||| Special International Conference Reports and Q&A Session
||||| Special Presentation: "Why Is Korean Like That?"  (David Shaffer, Chosun Univ.)
||||| Special Share - IC 2014: Sharing of ideas, activities, and info gained from the October International Conference

November 8, 2014. Chapter Meeting
||||| Billie Kang (Taebong Elem. School)
The "I Am Happy" Project: Working with Young Learners
||||| Dr. Yeon-seong Park (Chonnam Natl. University)
10 Poetry Activities for the ELT Classroom

December 6, 2014. Chapter Meeting & Year-End Dinner

||||| Presentation: Jessica Ives (Dongshin University, Naju)
Getting the Most Out of Your Coursebook Activities
||||| Collaborative Workshop: Dr. David E. Shaffer (Chosun University)
What Makes a Classroom Language-Learning Activity Good (and how to make 'em even better)
||||| 6 p.m. Annual End-of-Year Holiday Dinner
Gwangju International Center (GIC) 1F


2013 Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter Meeting Schedule of Presentations & Events

Updated: September 28, 2013. (2012 Calendar at bottom.)

January 19, 2013.  Chapter Meeting

  • Nico Lorenzutti: That’s NEAT...Five Easy Activities for M2 NEAT Speaking Preparation
  • Julien McNulty: Drawing Blanks I -- Five Activities for When You Have Nothing or Technology Fails

February 16, 2013.  Chapter Meeting

  • Jacob Boer: Fun and Games: Planning for Young Learner Lessons
  • Cathy Peck & Scott Findlay: Error Correction Techniques & Activities    

March 9, 2013.  Gwangju-Jeonnam Annual Chapter Conference
         In Cooperation with the KOTESOL Reflective Practice SIG
                Reflecting on Practice; Projecting on the Future


10:00-11:30: Pre-conference Reflective Practice Workshop
              Presenting Reflective Practice: A Sample RP-SIG Meeting
              Suzanne Bardasz with Michael Griffin

11:45:   Registration Begins
12:45:   Opening Ceremony

 1:00:   Plenary Session
             Becoming a Better Teacher Through Reflective Practice
             Michael Griffin & Manpal Sahota (Reflective Practice SIG Co-Facilitators)

Reflective Practice Sessions
 2:00:  The Challenge of Description: Strategies for Seeing Through the Cloud of Emotion 
            (John Pfordresher)
 3:00:  Explore Your Teaching Through Self-Observation  (Gemma Lunn)
 4:00:  Making Reflection Your Own  (Alex Walsh)

Young Learner & Teen Presentations
2:00:  Finding the Hero in the Young Student Whilst Embracing the Dark Side
           (Amanda Maitland)
3:00:  "Banjang-nim": Good for Students; Great for Teachers
           (Jared Sandler, George Balarezo)
4:00:  Communicative EFL Activities that Encourage Spoken Production (Ynell Lumantao)

General ELT Presentations 1
2:00:  Approaches to Using Short Stories in the EFL Classroom (Michael Rabbidge)
3:00:  Vocabulary Games: More than Words! (Nico Lorenzutti)
4:00:  Punctuating Punctuation (Dr. David Shaffer)

General ELT Presentations 2
2:00:  Drawing Blanks II: Five More Activities for When You Have Nothing
           or Technology Fails (Julien McNulty)
3:00:  Using Comic Books in the Classroom (Peadar Callaghan)
4:00:  That's Konglish - Or Is It? (Robert  Dickey)

5:00  Pecha Kucha Session Presentations
          Pecha Kucha: What Is That? (Nate Kent)
          Professional Development SIG: Why? (Robert J. Dickey)
          Then and Now: 4 Korean Decades of English (Dr. David Shaffer)
          Same, Putt Different: A Rook at Similar Fairs (Julien McNulty)

April 13, 2013. Reflective Practice SIG - Gwangju Group Meeting

April 13, 2013. Chapter Meeting

  • Dr. Steve Garrigues: Time, Place and Self: Cultural Factors in the Teaching and Learning of English in Korea
  • Ross Chambers: Encouraging Longer Responses from Students in Teacher-Student Interaction


May 11, 2013. Reflective Practice SIG - Gwangju Group Meeting

May 11, 2013. Mokpo Area Outreach Workshop

  • Main Session:  Stafford Lumsden (Seoul Chapter President): A Look at Communicative Language Teaching and How It Might Apply to Your Classroom
  • Split Session 1A: Jocelyn Wright (Mokpo Natl. Univ.) Poetry Activities for All Ages
  • Split Session 1B: Cathy Peck (Chonnam Natl. Univ.) It’s All in the Technique: Giving Instructions in the EFL Classroom
  • Split Session 2A: Nico Lorenzutti (Chonnam Natl. Univ.) Beyond the Gap-Fill: 9 Dynamic Activities for Song in the EFL Classroom
  • Split Session 2B: Lindsay Herron (Gwangju Natl. Univ. of Ed.) Ten Tech Tools Every Teacher Should Know About


May 18, 2013. Chapter Meeting

  • Lindsay Herron (Gwangju Natl. Univ. of Ed.) Ten Tech Tools Every Teacher Should Know About
  • Cathy Peck (Chonnam Natl. Univ.) It’s All in the Technique: Giving Instructions in the EFL Classroom

June 8, 2013. Reflective Practice SIG - Gwangju Group Meeting

June 8, 2013. Chapter Meeting

  • Eulsoon Lee (Gwangju Dongun Elem. School) Using Storybooks to Create an English-Friendly EFL Environment
  • Henry Gerlits (Jeonnam Education Training Institute) Injecting Interest into Intensive Reading Activities


July 13, 2013. Chapter Meeting

  • Warren Merkel, III (Chonnam Natl. University) Less is More: The Use of Brevity in Second Language Writing
  • Jacob Boer (Gwangju EPIK, Elem. Ed. Program) Young Learner Activities That'll Knock Their Socks Off


August 10, 2013. Chapter Meeting

  • Jessica Magnusson (GNUE): Memorable Vocabulary Teaching and Learning
  • Roger Fusselman (Seoul Chapter): Guided Teacher Reflection for Busy Teachers


September 7, 2013. Chapter Meeting

  • Tim Thompson (KAIST, Daejeon): Getting Students Involved Outside of the Classroom


September 7, 2013. Chapter Summer Social Event

  • Doaa's Kitchen (4F). Next to Mudeung Cinema and across from the Kenya Coffee Shop. Phone: 010-8737-0815. 6 - 9 p.m.  Dinner: 10,000 won, drinks extra.


October 19, 2013. Chapter Meeting

  • Ross Chambers (GNUE, Gwangju): Teaching Grammar to Young Learners Using the PPP System
  • Joseph Vitta (Sookmyung Women's University): A Workable TTT* Approach for the Asian EFL Setting (* Task, Teach, Task)


November 9, 2013. Chapter Meeting

  • Brad Serl (Busan University of Foreign Studies): Why Should I Do It? Why Should I Care? (45 + 45 min lecture/workshop)


December 14, 2013. Chapter Meeting & Year-End Dinner

  • Stafford Lumsden (Sookmyung Women's University; Seoul Chapter President): Approaches to Listening

2012 Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter Meeting Schedule of Presentations

February 11. Chapter Meeting

  • Henry Gerlits: Using Short Clips from TV in the Classroom:  Pronunciation, Intonation, and Creativity through Roleplays
  • David Shaffer: Classroom Management [Pecha Kucha]

March 10. Chapter Conference

  • YL Plenary Session: Jake Kimball: When Theory and Practice Collide
  • ER Plenary Session: Scott Miles: Comprehensible Input: Why Students Need It
  • Young Learner Strand: Jake Kimball  |  Jennifer Young  |  Boram Sohn
  • Extensive Reading Strand: Ingrid Zwaal  |  Eunsol Shin  |  David Shaffer
  • General ELT Strand 1: Maria Lisak  |  Peadar Callaghan  |  EnglishCentral
  • General ELT Strand 2: Vivien Slezak  |  Ynell Lumantao  |  Houghton Mifflin
  • Pecha Kuchas: Henry Gerlits  |  David Shaffer  |  Jake Kimball  | Julien McNulty

April 14. Chapter Meeting

  • Dr. Steve Garrigues: Phonological Pitfalls for English Teachers in Korea
  • Brad Serl:  The NEAT: Background, Practice, and Consequences

May 12. Chapter Meeting

  • Nate Kent: KICk STArt: Student Task-based Activities for Kids Intensive Camps
  • John McDonald: What Every EFL Teacher Should Know about Teaching Writing

June 9. Chapter Meeting

  • Michael Rabbidge & Nico Lorenzutti: The Bimodal Narrative Approach: Extensive Reading and Listening
  • Jacob Boer: Fun and Games: Every Child's Language Learning Preference

July 14. Chapter Meeting

  • Tim Thompson (KTT; KAIST): Creating Practical and Original English-based Lessons
  • Swap-Shop

August 11. Chapter Meeting 

  • Allison Bill (Jeonju University): Reflective Teaching: Improving the Learning Context
  • Jeremy Bissett (Chosun University): Facebook and English Learning in Korea
  • David Shaffer (Chapter President): Korean Highlights: Four Decades of History

September 1. Suncheon Outreach Workshop

  • Tim Dalby: Warmers and Warm Downs
  • Viva May Cabreros: Classroom Activities for Young Learners and Teens
  • Gina Yoo: Extensive Listening through a Personal Goal Project
  • Allison Bill: Creative Reading and Writing for Children
  • Phil Owen: Online and Mobile “Flash Cards” with Quizlet
  • Lindsay Herron: Easy Integration of Videos and Other Media into Grammar- and Function-Focused Lessons

October 6. Chapter Meeting

  • Catherine Peck (Chonnam Natl. University): Building Speaking Confidence: Teaching from a Discourse Perspective to Encourage Longer Speaking Turns
  • Nico Lorenzutti (Chonnam Natl. University): Dynamic Listening Activities for Using Pop Songs in the Classroom

November 10. Chapter Meeting

  • Heidi Vande Voort Nam (Chongsin University): Do They Get It? – Six Techniques for Monitoring Student Comprehension in Class
  • Matthew McLaughlin (Chosun University): Warmers and Coolers

December 8. Chapter Meeting

  • Warren Merkel (Chonnam Natl. University): Implementing Writing Activities into the English Classroom in Korea
  • Henry Gerlits: (Gwangju University): Good Teachers and Bad Coursebooks: Adapting Materials to Fit Your Class